'New Book Showcase' #3

Saturday, 19 November 2022



This feature is to show what books are going to be released over the new week by amazing authors, each different from the next and also very talented at what they do when they are bringing their characters to life for readers to enjoy everywhere! 



Publication Date: 24th November 2022 - eBook

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction

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 Eve has always lived on Ennisfarne, an idealic island just off the coast of Northumberland and only accessible when tides are low. There she runs a bar on Darling Cove, named after her ancestors who settled there many year ago.
Logan is a famous photographer desperate to get away from the bad press after a difficult break-up. Renting a cabin from Eve, he chooses Darling Cove for it’s beautiful views and the hope of anonymity. 
The pair don’t get off to the best start, butting heads over Eve’s adorable but boisterous Chocolate lab. But when Logan's famous identity is revealed, Eve can’t resist the urge to help him.


 I am a big Holly Hepburn fan, so when I saw she had a new series coming out I couldn't wait to read this book. Having read the blurb I am excited to see how the story plays out and thrilled to add another charming book to my collection. Plus who doesn't love a appearance from a dog as well!


Publication Date: 24th Novemnber 2022 - Paperback and eBook

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Fiction

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Nothing is as it seems, for Butler and West.
One spring evening, a mother and her children are brutally attacked in their home. The unprovoked and violent assault leaves DS Robin Butler and DC Freya West in the dark - the luxury items were left untouched and there is no apparent motive.
The investigation’s only lead is Andrew Grace, the husband who was not home at the time. He and his business partner have created unique virtual reality software – valuable and extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Robin and Freya are stonewalled by uncooperative witnesses at every turn but when a woman linked to the work of Andrew and his co-founder is kidnapped, the need for progress becomes critical.
Failure to solve the case will result in murder. Meanwhile, Robin and Freya’s unresolved feelings have come to the surface and they must finally face facts. But is it too late? In a case where nothing is as it seems, are Robin and Freya doomed to never find the truth?


This was the first time I had come across this book series, though having had a look at the reviews and what other readers have to say I have already added it to my TBR as I love nothing more than a good crime series which has romance and crime as the main focus. 


Publication Date: 24th November 2022 - eBook, Audiobook and Paperback
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary

Evie Bird is a romance writer whose latest bestseller is being made into a Christmas movie.
Duke Carlisle is a world-famous actor who has landed the role of leading man.
When Evie and Duke meet on set, it’s a frosty encounter – even icier than the cobbled Bavarian streets they're filming on.
But after images of them arguing leak to the press and put the movie in jeopardy, they are left with no choice but to fake date until the cameras stop rolling.
As the pair start to put their differences aside, their feelings gradually begin to thaw… But can sparks ever really fly in a snowstorm?
I love Christmas books, so when I saw the beautiful cover of Laura's new book I had to have a look at the blurb and I can say I get excited just after the first few words! As not only is this a Christmas book but it is a book about a writer as well and any book which has both themes are a winner to me.  

Publication Date: 24th November 2022 - eBook
Genre: Romance, Fiction, Contemporary
 Cleo loves winter in Wavebreak Bay. The tourists leave as the temperatures drop, the fairy lights go up and it really starts to feel like home again. It also happens to be the time of year that her best friend Eliot comes back from San Francisco.
Though the seasons change, not much else in Cleo's life does. She's in a people-pleasing rut taking the worst shifts at the family restaurant, pet-sitting for her parents and making little time for herself. Cleo has spent so long thinking about everyone around her that she's lost sight of what she wants. And she wants Eliot. And she's decided that, this year, she's finally going to tell him.
But as the snow settles on Wavebreak Bay, Cleo's Christmas-for-two is disrupted by the arrival of her entire family - and more guests keep arriving. As Cleo works hard to make sure everyone else is having the most wonderful time of the year, will she finally pluck up the courage to stand up for herself . . . and to follow her heart?

 Christmas in small towns are always so heartwarming and magical, Wavebreak Bay seems like it would be both. I have read any books by Isla yet but I have to say this one is going to be the first! 

Are there any books you are waiting to be released this week? If so you can comment below or tweet me on Twitter @23reviewstreet 
If there is any particular genres you want me to include in future posts let me know!


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