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Friday, 21 May 2021

 Before having a baby, I never really thought of sensory toys so when that time came it was like walking into a maze of different textures, sizes, shapes and also specific gender colours depending on a boy or girl. This is also the added factor of age they are typically for as well to consider. So I decided that I would do a blog post to show other parents what sensory toys we have that my little one loves to play with and that they have used the most. 

This was one was definitely on my list, not only to do the colours but also to the shapes and that it will help with development and coordination as they get older. I managed to find one in my local Asda for £4 which has five colours and is plastic which I have found is a bit safer, given my little one is at the stage where they are accidentally throwing it around playing. I think a lot of ones I have seen are plastic though Amazon sell wooden ones which are beautifully designed as well. The Ring Stack above is from Smyths Toys which is £5. Below is the wooden one from Amazon as well which I have linked too. I was unable to find the one I bought on Asda.


The next thing my little one loves is the Fisher Price Smart Stages Puppy which was a gift they had and it is amazing. From the colours, the songs, learning the words and different textures on the puppy itself. This is normally from 6 months old but my little one had it earlier and had so much fun learning how to get the puppy to talk and make noises. I have also seen that they do different versions as well for boys and girls, which are shown below. Currently they are both £18.00 each in Tesco but with the Clubcard deal they are £13.50 each until the 23/05/21 (this is what it says on Though they normally range from between £14.99 to £18, depending on where you purchase them from.
Fisher Price Smart Stages Puppy - Tesco / Smyths / Amazon 

Fisher Price Smart Stages Puppy Sis - Tesco / Smyths / Amazon

I found one of the toys which my little one has taken to the most is the musical caterpillar, it also doubles as a sensory toy as well. It plays music, has different fabrics, makes different noises and perfect for boys or girls. One of the things I like most about this toy is that it is not the typical toy you would find in the shops, this was a gift for my little one and since they got it at Easter they have played with it everyday which is brilliant as they are having that sensory development everyday which is amazing to see. The only place which I have found it is on Amazon is I will link it for there, though if anyone knows anywhere else let me know and I will add those links as well. Though I will point out that we had to take the red flowers on the top of the caterpillar's ears as they were coming away and can be a hazard when they are so young.

 One thing I have noticed with my little one is that if something rattles or makes a noise they want to grab it and put it in their mouth. Some baby toys are really useful in that they double as toys and also with teething, it is a double bonus. There are many toys which are designed for this and I will put pictures and links to the ones which my little one has below all of them are from Amazon. 

Buy Link: Amazon UK

Buy Links: Amazon UK

The last one is one which I keep seeing everywhere for babies/toddlers - stacking cups, maybe not so much for when they are little but when they can start to understand colours and how to stack toys. I bought mine from Ikea which were about £2.75. Though Amazon and toy shops also stock them for below £5 in most cases.I will add some links for ones which I have found for stacking cups similar to the ones below. 

Thank you for reading my post and if you have any questions or if you want to let me know what your little ones favourite sensory toy is, either comment below or message me on Twitter @23reviewstreet

I would love to hear from you!

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