Review of Blackout by Emily Barr

Saturday, 15 May 2021

By Emily Barr
Publication Date: 3rd February 2014
Publisher: Headline Review
Pages: 77
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought

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A tense and chilling Quick Read from the queen of psychological suspense. 
You wake up in a strange room, with no idea how you got there. 
You are abroad, in a city you have never visited before. 
You have no money, no passport, no phone. 
And there is no sign of your baby.
 What do you do?

My Review

My first thoughts upon reading the back was: I hope this book doesn't give me nightmares. (Which thankfully it didn't) And the next thing was it reminded me of a movie, one where you don't remember anything, your belongings are missing and you have to find your way home, all the while trying to piece together what happened to lead you to this point in your life. Almost like a mystery crossed over with a psychological thriller.

The book starts with the main character not knowing who she is, how she got the Paris and the events that have happened during the period of that she has lost count of. The one thing she does remember is her little boy, and how much she needs to get back to him. Not only did she not remember anything but she also isn't wearing her own clothes, has no passport to get back to London and no money. 

Slowly but surely she starts to make her way home, although it is not going to be easy, she slowly remember that her name and her need to get home. After getting money of her mother, a woman who she has never seen eye-to-eye with, she takes a passport from a woman similar to her own description and catches the train back to London. It isn't long before she realises that the life she once had isn't there anymore, the people in her life are different, she is different.

Things seem to be very odd, with her partner acting strange, the nagging feeling she feels and the constant questions, about Paris, the clothes, the need to remember what happened and what caused her her not to remember the important things. Blackout is a mystery, thriller book that will shock you and has a ending that you will never have seen coming, I know I didn't!

If I had to describe this book in three words, they would be Thrilling, Shocking and Amazing.

Another day, another book,

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