Review of Married By Contract by Noelle Adams

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Married By Contract
By Noelle Adams
Publication Date: 20th July 2016
Publisher: Amazon 
Pages: 158
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Fiction 
Format: eBook
Source: Netgalley

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Three years into a five-year marriage of convenience, Jenn finds herself wanting something she never thought she'd want from her laid-back, ex-military husband. Sex--as a much-needed release of tension from her high-stress job. But weekly sex with Nick, despite their careful parameters, is likely to get messy eventually. 
Ever since her father walked out on her as a child, Jenn knows never to assume the people she loves will stick around, so she's not about to trust Nick with her heart. She vows to stay strong, no matter how much intimacy develops between them in bed. 
But what starts as a tension-reliever soon becomes so much more, until it threatens both their practical arrangement and the heart Jenn has worked so hard to keep safe.
My Review
Jenn has never done anything by the book, so when she runs into Nick back in their hometown it doesn't take long for them to both realise that they each have something the other can benefit from going forward. Getting married seemed to have solved both of their problems, now three years into their five year marriage of convenience, things have started to take a turn. 
When the subject of sex is bought up, they both agree that it will benefit them both although neither of them expected how much sex could affect the relationship they have. Jenn has issues with trusting others due to past experiences, she can trust Nick to share her bed and a life together but she can't trust him with the thing that she holds most dear...her heart. 
Nick has always needed to be strong and protect others, coming from the Military he has always thought about others and not himself. So, when he has someone else to focus on and a new opportunities in his career, he starts to believe that maybe this is his repayment for his service but it isn't long before things take a different turn. 
Jenn and Nick suddenly get into unfamiliar territory which could either made or break their friendship, even more so when it comes to trust, the uncertain future and what it could hold for them either together or separate.
Married By Contract is a lovely book that takes what is unconventional and mixes in lust and love turning it into an unexpected romance between two people who are already married. With their friendship, passion for each other and the tension that develops throughout the novel, it is the perfect book to start your love of Noelle's books. 
Three Words
Sensual, Unconventional and Unique. 
My Rating

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