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Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Mothers of Lovely Lane #3
By Nadine Dorries
Publication Date: 15th June 2017
Publisher: Head Of Zeus
Pages: 464
Genre: Historical, Drama, Fiction
Format: Hardback
Source: Publisher

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Noleen Delaney is one of an army of night cleaners at St Angelus hospital in Liverpool. Since her husband was injured in the war, she has supported her five children. With help from her eldest, Bryan – a porter's lad – the family just about gets by. When Finn, her youngest, passes the eleven plus exam, Noleen feels faint. Allowing Finn to attend the grammar will stretch her purse too far. When Bryan steps in to help, the results rock the St Angelus community. As the nurses of Lovely Lane near their final exams, Noleen will find herself tested, and her heart broken. Just how far can a mother’s love stretch?
My Review 
I have been a big fan of The Lovely Lane Series, to shows the true sense of community, friendship and family all rolled in one amazing series. Having read the first two books in the series, I was excited to find out there would be another book from the series which has been one of my favourite historical drama series.
St Angelus is a place where many people come when they are sick or injured, though with the war over, things are changing and progressing with the times ahead of the staff and not everyone is happy about it. A lot of people were lost during the war and not one person in the book has been untouched by the hurt and devastation of losing a friend, family member or someone they loved. 
Where the other books have been about the war and the hospital, this book's theme is about a mother's love and the lengths they will go to, to get what they want and to help others. This is the case for Noleen who has seen her fair share of hurt and Bronia who doesn't know who to turn to, when life starts getting hard. 
Each character has a depth and their story line's are so touching and unique from each other, which is why I can't really pick a favourite character as every character in the book is different and there is something I like in all of them, whether it is the woman who is trying her best to make the best of a bad situation or the man who has seen so much loss that he has lost himself along the way as well. 
The Mothers of Lovely Lane is another beautifully written novel by Nadine Dorries, with its characters, storyline and sense of community it truly makes this book a wonderful read. 
Three Words
Amazing, Lovely and Moving. 
My Rating
Another day, another book, 

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