Review of A Very Grey Christmas by T.A. Foster

Saturday, 27 August 2016

A Very Grey Christmas
T.A. Foster
Publication Date: 13th December 2015
Publisher: Raven Companies Press
Pages: 84
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Netgalley 

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I was getting ready to spend the single most important holiday of the year alone. Completely and utterly alone.
That meant he wouldn’t be there Christmas Eve. No making Christmas cookies, or listening to my dad sing off-key while my mom bustled around wrapping last-minute gifts. No decorating the tree. No midnight Christmas kiss. 
No waking up in Grey’s arms. We were actually going to spend our very first Christmas in different states.
That was until Grey gave me the most unexpected gift of my life.
A Very Grey Christmas is a sweet novella that will get you in the mood for Christmas even though it is still Summer, well here in the UK it is anyway. I haven't read any of the other books in the Kissing Eden series, so I was a bit confused at first but after reading a few pages I was able to get some idea of what had happened and the lovely, yet challenging relationship that Eden and Grey have. 
When Eden had dreamt of the perfect Christmas, she had expected Grey to be there and not hundreds of miles away. When Eden goes home to spend the Christmas with her family, she knows she is going to miss Grey more than anything but you know what they say about Christmas it is a time for miracles and maybe, Eden will get hers this year.
I loved that even though Eden loved Grey a lot, she was still willing to spending time with her family who are also very important to her as well. Also, I loved Eden's family they were funny and very similar to most families, having them in the book made it more enjoyable for me, mainly as family and Christmas as very important to me as a lot of people would agree also. 
My favourite character would have to be Eden, I loved reading about her and Grey's relationship and how it makes her feel. They are both very emotionally driven characters yet perfect for each other at the same time. Making this a very sexy, yet swoon-worthy read. 
My favourite part of A Very Grey Christmas would have to be towards the end of the book and it involves Christmas decorations and is very sexy. That is all I am going to tell you as you have to read it for yourself, otherwise I will spoil it for you which I don't want to do! 
A Very Grey Christmas is a sweet romantic Christmas story that will make you fill with Christmas warmth and spirit even in August. With its beautiful setting, loveable characters and a dashing yet romantic male character, it should be on everyone's Christmas list!
Sexy, Touching and Romantic.

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