Review of Secret Santa Baby by Robin Convington

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Secret Santa Baby 
By Robin Convington
Publication Date: 16th November 2015
Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence 
Pages: 52
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult Fiction
Format: eBook
Source: Netgalley

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Tessa Stoneman hasn’t been able to get long-time friend and business partner Nicholas Boone out of her head since they shared a single kiss in college. Even when she dated Nicholas’s best friend. Now that she’s giving up her position at GameNerdz to strike out on her own—and now that she’s single—maybe it’s the right time to see if there’s still something between them.
Nicholas knows once Tessa leaves the company she helped found, they might drift apart. Before she starts her own company in the new year, he wants to woo the woman he fell in love with during college. So he poses as her Secret Santa, gifts her with items from the song “Santa Baby,” and plans a big reveal at the company holiday party. But when his best friend wants to rekindle his romance with Tessa, will Nicholas lose his last chance?

Tessa, Nicholas and Damien have been friends for years but it has gotten complicated as time has gone on. Tessa and Damien were in a relationship which ended as Tessa was fed up of the not knowing what they were to each other and the on and off again relationship that they had. 
Nicholas or Nick has had feelings for Tessa for a long time, after his missed chance years ago he decided that this Christmas he would take fate into his own hands and make Tessa his once and for all. So he comes up with a plan in the form of Secret Santa as he knows with Tessa leaving the company that he is running on borrowed time. 
Although, as soon as Damien catches on to the Secret Santa, he wants another chance to show Tessa how good they are together. Nick is willing to do anything to show Tessa how much she means to him as he doesn't want to miss a chance to show her that Christmas is about getting the things you want and being with the people who love you the most. 
I loved this story, with the Secret Santa it made it even more exciting as you are rooting for Nick to get his girl but there are people and situations in his way. My favourite part of the story was the song, if you read the story or have read it then you will know, it is funny, sweet and totally swoon-worthy. 
Secret Santa Baby is a sweet, romantic Christmas story about friendship, feelings and about getting the girl. I would recommend everyone to read this story as it will brighten your day and put a smile on your face.
Christmassy, Romantic and Sweet. 

Another day, another book, 

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