'Wedding Wednesday' #2 - Review of The Wedding Weekend by Emma Hannigan

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Wedding Weekend
By Emma Hannigan
Publication Date: 17th July 2014
Publisher: Headline Review
Pages: 58
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Format: eBook
Source: Bought

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Tess can't quite believe her luck - she's marrying Marco, the man of her dreams, in an exquisite traditional Italian wedding, surrounded by her adoring family. 
But when an ex puts in an unexpected appearance in Rome, Tess is instantly taken back to glorious Huntersbrook House and the warmth and joy of the Craig family.
 Memories she thought she had long-buried and left behind in Ireland suddenly resurface at the worst possible moment. Forced to face both her past and future on the evening of the rehearsal dinner, Tess is thrown into turmoil. 
Which man - and moment - will win out?

Every since I read my first Emma Hannigan book, I have loved her style and the heartwarming stories that she tells so brilliantly in her books. Tess is all set to get married to a wonderful man, who not only loves her but accepts her for the person she is and wants a bright and happy future together. 
With her mother, grandmother and sister arriving in Rome to see in her special day with her, she can't think of anything to go wrong. That is until her sister's new boyfriend arrives and it is like a punch in the stomach as she remembers who he is and what happened the last time they seen each other years previous. Tess is thrown in uncertainty about her future and what she is going to do now that the past and present have mixed together.
I loved the theme of the story, it was serious yet light at the same time. It was told in a wonderful backdrop that is Rome, somewhere which is magical in it own right. Wedding novels or novellas in this case are so very sweet and romantic with a lot of drama, yet it doesn't make you want to read it any less. 
The Wedding Weekend is a beautifully written story that you can read in one sitting as it is a quick and easy read. It has romance, love, loss and heartbreak all the things that make this a great read.

Magical, Beautiful and Captivating. 

Another day, another book, 
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