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Monday, 13 June 2016

Welcome to the first 23 Review Street Newsletter!

Hi everyone, I would like first to thank you for stopping by and reading my first newsletter. I am very excited to tell everyone about the upcoming events and reviews happening on 23 Review Street in June and July. For my first newsletter, I have a special guest on 23 Review Street, that being 'Diney Costeloe' she is an author of many bestselling novels with many more still to come. 
In This Issue:-
  • Interview with Diney Costeloe
  • Upcoming Reviews 
  • Exciting Events for June & July
  • Review Schedule for Wedding Wednesday's for June & July
  • New Books Coming Out
  • Crime Book Week in July
Hi Diney, thank you so much for being the first person to do a Q&A for my blog newsletter. I have read ‘The Lost Soldier’ which was previously called ‘The Ashgrove’, it was a heartwarming and touching story that I loved so much. You have had several books out this year and have a couple still to come out which all tell such wonderful and amazing stories.

You write a lot of Historical books, where do you find your inspiration?
I always do a lot of research and often one piece of research throws up another interesting idea and that becomes the seed for the next book.

What is your favourite genre to read?

Apart from research books I tend to read fiction, very often crime or thrillers, but I do enjoy historical novels as well. Very often I can combine the two, when reading someone like CJ Sansom.

I would love to see ‘The Lost Soldier’ as a television series, if it ever was made into one. Who could you imagine playing the characters?
I would love it too! Maybe Shaun Evans as Tom. I’ve had to think hard about Molly and Sarah! Perhaps Emma Watson for Sarah and Sophie Mc Shera for Molly. However, if and when someone turns The Lost Soldier into a TV series, I’ll be very interested to see who they select, because I’m pretty sure I’ll have no say in it!

Out of all the characters in all the books you have written, who would be your favourite or one that you could relate to the most?
A difficult one that. Probably Lily Sharples- Rita and Rosie’s Gran,  in The Throwaway Children. I’m a grandmother and it gives you an new relationship and perspective on life. I’d like to think I’d fight as hard for my grandchildren!

What is your typical writing day like?
I don’t have a typical one. I try to write something every day, but some days I start in the morning and write all day with only a short break, and others I have to fit it in around the rest of my life. However, whenever I am  writing, I get completely immersed in what I’m doing and when we travel, which we do quite a lot, I always have my computer and my writing with me.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors about writing?
Just write! It’s no good thinking about it for ages and not putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard.  Actually, pen to paper is one of the ways I get over being stuck. I hand write for a while and the edit as I type what I’ve written into the computer.
Similarly, research what you need to, but when you’ve found out what you need to know, get back to the keyboard and write. Research can be very seductive and reading what you don’t need wastes good writing time

What is your favourite book and why?

I have two…one a children’s book…The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis. I always used to read this as a serial story to  my class of 9-year olds when I was teaching.
The other is:- To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

If you could describe your writing in three words, what would they be?
Moving.  Thought-provoking.  Entertaining.
I know…that’s three and a half!

Thank you so much for taking part in my blog newsletter and being the first to be interviewed for it, I have really enjoyed talking to you.

Diney Costeloe is the daughter of a London publisher and has been surrounded by books all her life. Encouraged by her father, she has always written stories and poems. When she left school she trained as a primary school teacher, and taught in the East End of London and in Somerset.

Her earlier published work includes ten romantic novels, written under the name of Diney Delancey, several short stories for magazines and radio, and many articles and poems.
More recently, Diney has turned her attention to the twentieth century and writing as Diney Costeloe, has written several ‘modern’ historical novels, The Lost Soldier, set in WWI, its sequel, The Sisters of St Croix, set in WWII and The Runaway Family in 1938 Germany.
Her latest book, to be published by Head of Zeus in May 2015, is The Throwaway Children and is set in England and Australia in 1948.
She has three children and seven grandchildren, so is always busy with the family, and she and her husband share their time between Somerset and West Cork.
Summertime Dreams is a new book by one of my favourite authors, that is Debbie Macomber.
I have read a lot of Debbie's books and own a whole bookshelf (and a half) of her amazingly written books that I will continue to read and love in the years to come.
Upcoming Reviews & Dates
  • Snowbound Seduction by Melissa Schroeder - 2nd June
  • Second Chance Island by Jenny Schwartz - 3rd June
  • Her One True Love by Rachel Brimble - 5th June
  • Blog Tour - The Late Blossoming Of Frankie Green by Laura Kemp - 6th June
  • Tie Me Down Tight by Cathryn Fox - 14th June
  • Hard Charger by Meghan March -19th June
  • Blue Mondays by Emily Dubberley - 26th June
  • Letting In Light by Emma Davies - 7th July
  • Heartland by Sara Walter Ellwood - 19th July
  • The Accidental Boyfriend by Maggie Dallen - 22nd July
  • Daring The Bad Boy by Heidi Rice - 25th July 
I will be reading and review books related to weddings and the events surrounding them in a event on 23 Review Street from June to September. This event will take place every Wednesday, starting from 1st June!

Upcoming Reviews & Dates for Wedding Wednesday
  • 1st June - How To Get Hitched In Ten Days by Samantha Tonge
  • 8th June - The Wedding Weekend by Emma Hannigan
  • 15th June - A Fairytale Bride by Hope Ramsay
  • 22nd June - Summer Wedding Bells by Debbie Macomber
  • 29th June - Once Upon A Wedding by Kelly Rae
  • 6th July - The Little Wedding Shop By The Sea by Jane Linfoot
  • 13th July - It Started At A Wedding by Kate Hardy
  • 20th July - How To Bake The Perfect Wedding Cake by Gina Henning
  • 27th July - One Hundred Proposals by Holly Martin
In July I will be reading and reviewing Crime Books for a whole week. It is the first week that I have I had that is purely crime related which I am thrilled about as I have had a real pull towards crime/mystery/thrillers lately. Below is the books that I will be reviewing and the dates they are on my blog, I hope you stop by and take a read. Also if you have an other crime books that you think are great let me know as I would love to hear them!
  • 18th July - Touch by Mark Sennen
  • 19th July - The Girl In The Ice by Robert Bryndza
  • 20th July - The Darkest Goodbye by Alex Gray
  • 21st July - Dark Secret by Janice Frost
  • 22nd July - Shot Through The Heart by Isabelle Grey
  • 23rd July - The Silent Twin by Caroline Mitchell
  • 24th July - The Girl Who Walked In The Shadows by Marnie Riches 
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  1. I love Debbie Macomber as well. She got me back into reading several years ago. I love her books and along with Susan Mallery's books feel like my year isn't complete if I haven't read their books.


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