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Friday, 10 June 2016

My writing room

I like to leave the house often to write, especially when I’m stuck. I find going to a café really helpful; somehow the background noise and chaos relaxes me. I can ignore twenty people talking and kids crying, but not one persistent drill noise which you often get where I live. But when I do write at home, I feel really lucky to have a designated writing room – particularly living in London (I once rented a room in a shared house that was smaller than my study. I kept my clothes under the bed. But it was in Primrose Hill so I didn’t mind).

About a year ago, I did up the study – I figured that the more time I wanted to spend there, the better! I painted it myself which was the first and last time I’m ever doing that; it took all weekend and I can still see splodges. I used the publication money for Girls on Tour, my last book, to buy the armchair which is my pride and joy. It’s the Rubens armchair from The rug is called Freddie and it’s from Plantation Rugs, another great online source of procrastination (yep, that’s what I like to browse). Sadly, I can’t sit writing in the Rubens for too long. I ruined my back by writing my second book while slumped in a terrible armchair, so now I have to use my ergonomic chair. It has a weird flower-shaped support that I saw in Japan, regretted not buying, but which my husband brilliantly tracked down online. Also I have a little foot rest, bought so my little dachsund-sized legs can rest on something. The glamour!

My inspirational pinboard is stuck full of Polaroid pictures of Paris, because the book I’m working on now is set there. The couple kissing is framed street art – also inspiring if you write romance. On the wall is another of my favourite things – my poster that says: ‘Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night.’ It’s a line from ‘Thunder Road’ by Bruce Springsteen, which is one of my favourite songs. It seems a good message to have up when you’re writing.

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