23 Things To Do When I'm 23

Saturday, 25 June 2016

I had been thinking about doing something like this for a while, so I finally decided to write it down and set myself this challenge. I have just had my 23rd birthday on Thursday so I came up with a challenge to complete 23 things, mostly things that I have wanted to do but haven't gotten around to yet. I will list the 23 things below and everytime I complete one thing I will write a blog post ticking it off my list and then I will have a final round up on my birthday which is on the 23rd of June 2017 aka my 24th birthday! 
 So make sure you look out for all the updates and posts to find out how I am getting on! 

1) Get a signed book addressed to me.
I have signed books, some are addressed to me and others are just signed but I am always looking at ways to gain more signed books as I really treasure my copies.
2) Go on a more adventures with my best friend.
Since, me and my best friend (who happens to be my sister Becca Jayne from Pretty Little Memoirs) went on holiday last year together and had an amazing time, we have wanted to do other adventure to see more and experience new things.
3) Start writing a book.
It has been a goal of mine to write a book for several years now, so I thought I would start off with small goals and go from there.
4) Hit 50k on my blog.
I am always amazed at the amount of views that I get on my posts and I can't thank everyone enough for visiting my blog, it means so much to me. 
5) Read 10 crime books.
It wasn't until this year that I had been interested in crime books and now I can't put them down.
6) Read 10 YA books.
My sister is always telling me to read more YA books as they are so great and fun. I have a feeling she is right!
7) Read a book that stars a character called 'Sophie'.
I don't think I really have to explain this one, I do own a couple of books where the main character is named Sophie, so I would like to read at least one of them this year.
8) Read the whole Blossom Street series by Debbie Macomber.
This one is simple Debbie Macomber is my favourite authors and I love reading her books, they can instantly brighten your day. 
9) Get 60 likes on my Facebook profile for my blog.
I am working really hard to let other readers know about the fantastic books out there. So the more people who like my page will know about these great books. 
10) Read a book that blows me away.
I have had some that have made me stop and think but not one that blows me away. 
11) Finishing reading the Divergent series.
I read Divergent a couple of years ago and with the last film coming out soon I would like to finish reading the series. 
12) Read the Anna and The French Kiss series.
I have started to read Anna's story and loved it, so I want to finish the series. I have it on good knowledge (my sister!) that it is not a series to miss. 
13) Read the Amy Plum - Die For Me series.
My sister has been nagging me for ages to read Die For Me series as she loved it so much. 
14) Read the Dakota series by Debbie Macomber.
I fell in love with the covers of these books, I know they are re-issued books but I can't wait to read these. 
15) Do a Young Adult Week.
I like reading Young Adult books, mainly as they are sweet or romantic, some can be scary depending on the type of genre. I want to do a week reviewing romantic young adult books that would suit people of any age. 
16) Do a Katie Fforde week.
I just bought a signed Katie Ffrode book in Waterstones on my birthday, it was one that I don't own as I love her writing. I will be reviewing her older books with a couple of newer ones as I own nearly all of them. 
17) Spend a whole weekend reading as many books as I can.
I have been wanting to do this for ages but I have not done it yet, so I will make sure I get around to it this year. 
18) Have a Love week on my blog.
A lot of books that I read are romance or chick-lit books, so they have a element of love or lust in them. So doing a love week will show the best books that are love stories. 
19) Make a bookish playlist.
I would love to make a playlist linked to books and things that are featured in them. 
20) Read as many Netgalley books in my TBR list.
I have an ever long list of books on Netgalley but I am making my way through, slowly but I will get there! 
21) Do a book haul.
I love shopping for books, who doesn't whether it is online or in stores. I love it!
22) Have a Nora Roberts week.
Nora Roberts books are quick great reads that I can normally get through within a day and a half they are that good! So doing a week surrounding her best books that I own is something that I am excited about. 
23) Do a event on my blog with Pretty Little Memoirs.
Becca Jayne who runs Pretty Little Memoirs is my sister and best friend, so I am hoping that we will be able to do something across both of our blogs linked to books we both love. 

Don't forget to keep checking back for updates on how I am getting on with my challenge!

Another day, another book, 
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