Review of The Boy In The Bookshop by Katey Lovell

Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Boy In The Bookshop
By Katey Lovell
Publication Date: 29th October 2015
Publisher: HarperImpulse
Pages: 19
Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary
Format: eBook
Source: Bought

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Every Happily Ever After began with a Once Upon a Time…

It takes a lot to distract Jade from her books. But from the moment she spots Marwan browsing the shelves, she can't concentrate on anything else…

The Boy In The Bookshop is the first in this amazing series of short stories which are so cute and sweet. Jade is a book lover through and through, it is one of her favourite things to do but when she see Marwan looking at books in the bookshop where she works, she is pleasantly distracted from her love of books. 
He is sweet and he loves books which is everything that appeals to Jade, it doesn't take long for their relationship to take form. It is such a quick yet sweet meeting and even more perfect ending.
Even though it is a short story, the author puts all the information you need into those pages to make it real and something you could imagine happening to any book lover out there. 
The Boy In The Bookshop is short, sweet and bookish, perfect for book lovers and people who dream of meeting their perfect match roaming the shelves. 

Bookish, Sweet and Romantic. 

Another day, another book, 

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