Review of Breaking The Rules by Mel Curtis

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Breaking The Rules #7
By Mel Curtis
Publication Date: 22nd October 2014, 78 pages
Publisher: IndieWords, Inc
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Women's Fiction
Format: eBook
Source: Author

Thank you to Mel Curtis for sending me a copy to review.

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To say Jack and Vivian Gordon’s marriage has been rocky would be an understatement. The Gordons have been on a roller coaster of love and lust, but can’t seem to get on the same page at the same time. This power couple needs a time-out to find their happily ever after. And life coach to Hollywood’s rich and powerful, Cora Rule, has just the solution – have the couple sign their divorce papers in a safe room…and lock them inside.

I loved reading about Jack and Vivian's love/hate relationship in Cora's Rules, you can see that they both still very much love each other yet they can admit it to everyone but each other. So, when it comes to signing the divorce papers, they are both need a little bit of a push to stop them in their tracks before they make one of the most biggest mistakes of their lives. 
Cora has witnessed both sides of the story, helping them both as a life coach she hasn't had much success, so Cora decides to throw them together in a room in which they have no escape out of until the next morning. Cora hoped that this would help them and everyone else who only wants what is best for them. Although, regardless of how much Jack and Vivian talk they always end up back in the same place, arguing that they both know what is right but this time its different, they are different. The last year has changed a lot for both of them and when they are faced with their problems face-to-face, things take a turn for the worse when a incident happens. Although it finally puts what truly matters into perceptive and now it is just about making it happen in the light of day. 
Breaking The Rules is an amazing novella that can easily be finished in one sitting, with it's passion and crazy antics I couldn't help but get gripped by the story that is Jack and Vivian and their unique relationship.
If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Passionate, Lovely and Thrilling. 

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