Review of The Story Of Us by Dani Atkins

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Story Of Us
By Dani Atkins
Publication Date: 14th August 2014, 400 pages
Publisher: Head Of Zeus
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

Thank you to Head of Zeus for sending me a copy to review.

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A gripping love story from the bestselling author of Fractured.
Emma Marshall can't wait to marry her childhood sweetheart, Richard. But then a tragic accident changes everything, and introduces a stranger, Jack, into her life. Gorgeous and mysterious, Jack is like no-one Emma has met before. But Richard is the man she loves..
Two different men. Two different destinies. How will Emma end her story?

Emma is lucky enough to have found the love of her life, Richard and is due to get married soon. Deciding to have one last night as a single woman before she gets hitched she has a bachelorette party with her closest friends. Though the evening takes a horrible turn when Emma and her two closest friends get into a car accident. It isn't until a handsome stranger, comes out of nowhere and literally saving Emma's life and her friends that Emma realises how close she had come to losing everything. 
Though when the tragic accident takes something close to Emma her whole world is thrown into turmoil. She can't believe how her whole life changed in a matter of seconds. It isn't long before some shocking information comes to light that makes the remaining bricks around Emma's life come crashing down.
 Having to deal with a sick mother, a stubborn father and a best friend who seems to be heading towards a breakdown with no return, Emma knows her life is a mess. So, running into Jack, her saviour is just what she needs, it gives her a distraction from what is left of her life but soon what was once friendship turns into so much more but now Emma has to decide what she truly wants in her life, Richard the man she has always known and loved or Jack her hero in so many ways.
My favourite character would have to be Emma for a number of reasons, one she is very likeable and caring, two she is very normal and down to earth and the third is no matter what is going on in her life she is always worrying about others even if they have hurt her in some way.
The Story Of Us is a heartbreaking novel about friendship, family and the things that happen when you least expect them. With its tales of life, friendships, families, love and relationships, it is a touching book that will make you cry, laugh and be glad that you read it. 
If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Heartbreaking, Captivating and Emotional

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  1. Nice review. Emma sounds like a sweet and relatable character. I'm curious about the shocking information ooh you've made me so interested. This book is new to me but I like the concept. Going to add it to my TBR.


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