Review of Girls Like Us by Charlotte Ashby

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Girls Like Us
By Charlotte Ashby
Publication Date: 12th December 2013, 365 pages
Publisher: TwistedCountry 
Genre: Romance, Chick-Lit, Women's Fiction
Format: Paperback
Source: Author

Thank you Charlotte for sending me a copy to read and review.

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Imagine if you had emailed a good friend almost daily, with graphic descriptions of every one night stand, workplace cock up, unrequited crush and ungenerous thought - a sort of e-confessional. And what if all those emails got into the wrong hands? 
It all looked so rosy for the hapless Emily Brighouse, supposedly a high flying PR girl, living in London, behaving like any other single, 20 something woman, only much worse. But 8 years after graduation, she’s about to be sacked, evicted from her flat and has just been served with an ASBO. 8am on the morning of her 29th birthday, she is limping down Bethnal Green High Street after another one night stand, wearing only one shoe. And she is about to find out that her email confessor is not entirely who she thought they were. 
This is a romantic comedy which lifts the lid on the madcap world of public relations and what ‘girls like us’ really get up to. 

I would first like to start off by saying this book will make you laugh out loud and you will love every bit of it, I know I did. Emily Brighouse has everything she could want, a job she likes, a best friend who is always there for her and a somewhat great life, the only thing missing is a nice man in her life but she isn't focusing on that at the moment. No, she is more worried about the fact that she is turning 29 and the fact that her job is hanging by a small thread. 
Emily and Bella haven't had the best of luck, with their love lives and their soon-to-be ASBO that their landlords have taken out against them. It takes a one-night stand to change everything and leads Emily to seriously think about her life, Telling her email pen pal Jem all about her outrageous life seems to be the only thing keeping her sane at her job, most days. Though, things turn even more complicated soon enough, when Emily meets Jem face-to-face and she is thrown but the person Jem is. 
It is then that Emily puts into plan ways to make her life better and more successful, though not everything is perfect what with Emily's mother ditching her at the last minute all the time, the Jem situation and Bella new romance with the owner of the company that Emily was helping promote. Though things get tangled and it isn't long before truth and lies combine to create a disaster waiting to happen and Emily right in the centre of it, yet again.
There were so many memorable characters throughout Girls Like Us, the girls funny landlords who seem to always catch them doing something they shouldn't, there is quite funny scene towards the end of the book that will make you laugh out loud it is very funny, though I will not tell you as it could spoilt it. There is Claire, who is Emily's boss, she seems to be quite hard to crack with her straight-laced behaviour she always has something to point out and not to mention Anoushka her mess ups were one of my favourite things, especially the Sausage Week incident. 
Though my favourite character would have to be Hector, with his funny nature and some of the things that he comes out with made me laugh, especially his lines relating to the Sound Of Music those were my favourite. 
Girls Like Us is a very modern interpretation of relationships, friendships and everything else life throws at you. With its witty comments, shocking secrets and loveable characters, I would recommend this book to anyone who want to laugh, read about crazy antics or both with this perfect weekend read.  
If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Humorous, Shocking and Legendary

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  1. I have that on my kindle, lucky me as it sounds fabulous!

    1. You will love it, it is funny and has so many laugh out loud moments, it is a great read :) xx


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