2 Year Blog Anniversary - Guest Post - Carys Jones

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The talented Carys Jones has wrote a guest post about books and her reading style. Carys has wrote a number of books that are published by CarinaUK, some are mystery thrillers, her latest is Second To Cry which the the second book in the Avalon Series. 

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Confessions of a Slow Reader

I love books. I love getting lost in the pages of a story and being transported to another world. I think my early love of the written word definitely influenced my dream of becoming a writer.

But as much as I love books I am a painfully slow reader. I first discovered I was slower than your average reader thanks to my Mum. She races through books, easily devouring one or two a week. She’d lend me books, insisting I must read them and a pile would slowly start to build up beside my bed which eventually risked taking over my whole room.

“How are you getting on with the Sookie Stackhouse series?” she’d ask brightly.

“Oh, I’m still reading that first book you leant me.”

“Still?” she couldn’t supress her shock.

“Yes, still.”

The weird thing is that I can write a book faster than I can read one and I’m not really sure why. I admit I read slowly, if I skim too quickly details don’t sink in. I also read as though I’m speaking every word aloud.

My aim this year was to read twelve books; one a month. For me, that would be quite the achievement. So far this year I have read *counts* three, nearly four books. My read list includes; The Raven Boys, Eleanor and Park, We Were Liars and Thirteen Reasons Why will soon be joining that elite list.

And I’ve been reading a lot for me. I tend to read at night before falling asleep unless something is on my Kindle and then I take it with me to the hospital when I have my bi-monthly treatments. But still…three (nearly four) books is not very impressive. In contrast this year I’ve written three manuscripts of my own and six manuscripts as part of my freelance work. I hate being such a slow reader. I feel like there are so many books that I risk missing out on!

Next year I’m hopeful that I might achieve my goal of reading twelve books in one year! I think perhaps because I spend so much time writing, I don’t realise it but I dedicate less time to reading. And that’s sad. Reading was what originally ignited my passion to write so I’m going to endeavour to find more time to read! And to learn to read faster! Hopefully my next post would be ‘confessions of a mid-paced reader’ : ) 

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