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Saturday, 1 November 2014

The wonderful blogger Tasha from The Bookie Monster Blog, has wrote a great post about books and being addiction to buying them. Tasha is a book blogger at The Bookie Monster. 

You can connect with Tasha at:-

Hi everyone!

To celebrate 23 Review Street’s ‘2 Year Blog Anniversary’ Sophie has organised a week of guest bloggers, so here I am! Thanks Sophie for letting me be a guest on your blog!
I’m a huge bookaholic, which unfortunately means not only does my bank balance suffer but so does my bookshelf! I’ve recently moved house so my two huge bookshelves had to be reduced in size and number as I lacked the space. I’m still holding out in the future for a spare room that I can turn into a library!
While there is no ‘Bookaholics Anonymous’ that I can attend, and I doubt that I’ll get over my addiction to books, I can almost certainly highlight the symptoms of becoming addicted. If you have two or more of these symptoms then you can definitely self-diagnose yourself as a bookaholic!
·         You buy your books in bulk
If you find yourself going on extensive book hauls then you are a bookaholic. Especially if you do multiple hauls in a month then you are extremely addicted.
·         You spend most of your time in bookshops
You can’t quite work out whether it’s the smell of old books, or just looking at the newest book releases, but when you’re asked what you’re doing ‘just looking/shopping for books’ is the most common answer.
·         You can’t walk past a bookshop without walking in
It doesn’t matter whether you have somewhere to be, or even that you didn’t intentionally decide to go in, but you physically can’t walk past. Even if it’s just to ‘sweep browse’ you need to step foot into the bookshop. It would be wrong not to!
·         You need the latest book releases
Whether you choose to pre-order, you decide to queue up, or you run to the nearest bookstore on publication day to grab the book, you need the newest releases. You may not read them straight away, but at least they’re on your bookshelf.
·         Your TBR list is growing all the time
It never seems to stop! Since you’ve been adding them to your Amazon and Goodreads lists, you are constantly finding new books to be read. I’ve come to the realisation that I will never finish my TBR list!
Hopefully you aren’t as addicted to books as myself – it’s become a costly habit!
Thank you guys so much for reading, and thanks again to Sophie for letting me blog on 23 Review Street!

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