Review of The Wedding Promise by Melinda Curtis

Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Wedding Promise
By Melinda Curtis
Publication Date: 15th October 2014, 73 pages
Publisher: IndieWriters, Inc
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Format: eBook
Source: Author

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They used to call her the Bon-Bon Heiress. As one of Bon-Bon Chocolates heiresses, Tiffany Bonander grew up in New York with a silver spoon, a heart of gold, and a lifelong supply of sweets. 
But now her life is falling apart. Recent changes in cocoa supply from Ecuador are threatening the quality of the family’s chocolate and sales are down. 
Add to that Tiff’s penchant for falling in love quickly and breaking engagements at the last minute…Now they call her the Bon-Voyage Bride. 
Jackson Hardaway is trekking through the Andes in Ecuador as a tribute to a fallen comrade. This wounded warrior didn’t expect to meet a beautiful damsel in distress and her three fairy godmothers…er, trio of meddlesome nuns…on his journey. 

But everything in Ecuador is bigger – the trees, the snakes, the attraction. Is this love? Or just another case made to label Tiff a Runaway Bride? 

Throw together a heiress and a solider and you have a amazing book, Tiffany (Tiff) is trying to find her way in life and also her way through a jungle all the while narrowly escaping snakes and making her way back to the nuns she is staying with. 
Jackson (Jax) Hardaway has seen a lot of things in his life, many he wants to forget but he can't, coming to Ecuador was something he needed to do not just for himself but for someone who was with him in the army. 
Tiff has no idea how to survive in Ecuador, but she is willing to do anything to prove to her father that she can run their family business, she just has to find the cocoa beans she needs to make it happen. When she runs into Jax, she can tell he is determined almost as if he is on a mission, after leaving him in the jungle she didn't expect him to end up passed on the her doorstep. 
Jax takes quite a liking to Tiff, she doesn't treat him like the broken man he is but Tiff doesn't have the best relationship record, though could Jax be it for her, if only she could let go of her fear of relationships.
As soon as I finished reading The Wedding Promise, I thought, it can't end like this, with a cliffhanger. I then seen that it was the first book in a new series of novellas, so I did relax a bit but I am excited to read what happens next for both Jax and Tiff.
The Wedding Promise is a powerful, emotional story about two people finding their way in life and trying to sort out their fears and pasts at the same time. Another great story from Melinda Curtis, I just love reading her work so much.
If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Gripping, Powerful and Captivating

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