2 Year Blog Anniversary - Guest Post - Suzanne From Librarian Lavender

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The wonderful Suzanne is a blogger of fashion, books, and many other great things on her blog called Librarian Lavender, she also writes as well. Suzanne has wrote a lovely post about Aven Ellis and the books she writes and what they mean to her. 

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When I saw that Sophie scheduled my guest post on the same day as Aven Ellis’s I immediately thought it would be great to write something about this author and her fabulous books. Their wonderful atmosphere drew me in immediately. Aven’s heroines are strong and independent women who can make it on their own. They always have some cute flaws that make them even nicer. Her men are decent and kind. I think that’s a wonderful basis to start with. Her main characters are likeable, but they are no sissies. They are the kind of people we all want to be.
I think her main characters are a lot like Aven herself. When I reviewed one of her books she sent me a great postcard with a wonderful personal message afterwards. I will treasure it forever. She’s a really nice woman and she’s very good to bloggers. Her comments are positive and I love her cheer up tweets with pictures of gorgeous men. She certainly makes twitter a lot more fun.
I read many genres, when there’s a good story I’m happy. I am very picky when it comes to choosing my books, but as I like so many different things I manage to end up with a lot of them. There are a few that stand out from the rest though. Not every book can be the most special one I’ve got. I treasure my Aven Ellis books. Even though I’ve received one for a review I purchased all of them as I think they deserve a place in my kindle library and I wanted to have all of them together. I will definitely reread these books some time. When I need something to make me feel good, I know what to choose.
I love fashion and always try to find beautiful clothes. I like to wear something pretty even if I’m home alone. When it’s just me and I’m writing I want to wear something cute. I like it when main characters in a book have a wonderful, personal taste. Aven Ellis knows how to dress her heroines. I can immediately picture the clothes. The way the main characters are dressed says a lot about their personality and Aven Ellis has understood that so well. Her thorough descriptions make every scene come to life and it’s almost like I’m there. It’s a rare quality and I love it.
I think Aven Ellis is genuine and kind. She’s helped many bloggers I know with generous giveaways. When I celebrated my birthday on my blog she was the first one who contacted me to contribute. I’ve kept one of her books to read on a special moment. I know when I read one of Aven’s book it will cheer me up immediately. I can never put them down, usually I read them in one sitting, with maybe one small break because I have to eat, but there’s a chance I will even forget that. Sometimes stories can draw me in and then I don’t think about where I am, what time it is and I forget everything around me. That’s exactly what happened when I read Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista and Waiting For Prince Harry. I will keep recommending these books, because of this fabulous trait. I enjoyed them so much. I want to tell everyone to read Aven Ellis’s stories, I guarantee you will love them.


  1. Thank you for having me on your blog, it's an honour!

  2. Lovely guest post. I've never read a book of Aven's. I like the sound of Waiting For Prince Harry.


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