2 Year Blog Anniversary - Guest Post - Aven Ellis

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The lovely Aven Ellis has wrote a guest post on writing and why she writes. Aven Ellis is the author of three romantic comedy books, her latest being Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista in September. 

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I love writing.
As a romantic comedy writer, there is something magical about creating a story about people on the path to fall in love.
When I figure out the right couple and how they will change each other’s lives forever, then I have the starting point to a book.  Once I see them, and how they will bring out the best in each other by coming together, then I’m ready to outline my book.
I love the entire process of outlining. I love character sketching, the plotting, and the snippets of dialogue that come into my head when I’m planning a book. I think about what they have in their wardrobe. What would they order off a menu in a restaurant? The things that drive them crazy and what they would find endearing. How would they grow from the first page to become a better person by the end of the book? This part of writing is energizing to me. I get to research, interview people, and explore worlds different from my own to craft my characters.
Once I have this outline in my head, I’m ready to go. Writing is hard, and yes, there are many times when you stare at the cursor in frustration. Or you write a scene and you know it’s not right, and you have to keep re-writing it until you perfect it. You have to keep track of the conflicts for your story, both internal and external. You think about pacing, descriptions, motivations, and goals.
You think my head would explode, right?
But it doesn’t. I find joy in exploring all of this, of creating these people and their story. It’s fun to write that first meeting, that first exchange, the moment where the main characters start to fall in love. It’s different in each book, and I love creating a unique story for each couple.  It’s my passion. It’s part of who I am.
And this is why I’ll always write.


  1. I really like this post! Love is such a wonderful thing.

  2. Sophie Kate, thank you so much for having me today. Honored to be a part of the party! :-)


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