Review of A Fete To Remember by Julia Stagg

Monday, 8 September 2014

A Fete To Remember #4
By Julia Stagg
Publication Date: 25th July 2014, 368 pages
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Genre: Women's Fiction, Romance
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

Thank you to Hodder & Stoughton for sending me a copy of the book to review. 
Note: I am sorry it is late, I haven't been very well.

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It's summertime in the French Pyrenees and the mountain commune of Fogas is en fete. But Christian Dupuy has no time for the frivolity of les vacances. For a start, he's just been struck by the arrows of l'amour and doesn't have a clue how to approach the woman who's stolen his heart.

Then there is the not-so-small matter of local politics. With moves afoot to wipe his community from the map, Christian has to enter the fray once more to save the place that he cherishes.

In the midst of a sweltering heatwave and with the residents of Fogas at each other's throats over their future, the lovesick and embattled deputy mayor must decide if all really is fair in love and war.

 A Fete To Remember is the perfect book to read this summer, it combines community, love, friendship and dedication all together to make this fantastic book that I could help but fall in love with. It was also so nice to see how a community can pull together no matter the differences they have, to fight for their community and history. 
There is so much happening in Fogas this summer, the fete and the issues with the commune are just to name a couple. Being the deputy of Fogas Christian is trying to be the voice of reason but everytime the Postmistress is near him, he can't help long to tell her his feelings. Whilst he isn't good at speaking his feelings, he is good at conveying the communities wishes and helping out friends who need someone to listen or help give a hand. Although, with the pressing issue of the commune, his feelings have had to take the back seat for a while.
With the changing community, not much stays the same for long, combining the bar and the post office was perfect, not just for Veronique but also for Josette. With the lose of losing her husband, a extra hand in the bar is a great help, and so is the company. I love the friendship that these two have, it is so lovely to read about.
Fabian and Stephanie have been dating for a while, so when he decides it is time to propose, he isn't prepared for all the distractions and things that get in the way. Although, Stephanie has other things on her mind, her daughter seems to have hit her teenager years well before she is meant to with her challenging behaviour, Stephanie has no idea what has gotten into her daughter. 
There is also the nearly ex-husband she longs to forget to add to the pressure and the sudden reappearance from someone who she has history with, makes her life even more confusing and complicated that it already was. 
There are so many entraining characters throughout the book, that you can't help but want to know more about them. From Rene, Bernard, Serge, Fatima, Paul and Lorna, I loved see their characters fill the pages of the book as they were all so different yet special in their own way.
One of my favourite parts of the book was when it was focused on Jacques, who still lives on in the bar looking over his wife and the residents of the community. He sees things that people wouldn't and his way of communicating with Josette and also Chloe is such unique thing to read about.
The book was full of old characters and new characters that added excitement to the storyline, from the mystery blog to Christian singing to the Bull who had escape his field, I laughed with the characters, got excited about the events that happened throughout the book and then felt sad at the end as it was over. I simply can't wait for the next book in the Fogas Chronicles.
A Fete To Remember is a great, light read that has just the right of drama and romance that it leave you wanting more at the end of each chapter. With its budding friendships, relationships and passion for their great little community, it was entraining and charming all at the same time. 
If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Beautiful, Entertaining and Fantastic.

Another day, another book.

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  1. Awh. This book sounds sweet and romantic with a pretty cool plot too ;)

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