Sunlounger 2: Beach Read Bliss Weekends - Day 4

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Every weekend throughout August I will be reviewing stories from the new Sunlounger 2 book. There will be four reviews on each day (Saturday & Sunday), except for the last weekend that will have six on both days. 

So, lets start with the next four books: 
Days of Miracle and Wonder - Ella Fairlie
Destination : South Africa

Cassie is in Africa for a wedding/buddymoon (which is when your buddies go with you on your honeymoon) being the only single one out of her friends is annoying but she believes that somewhere out there is someone who she is meant to be with. She is immediately drawn to the driver/tour guide who took them out to explore the desert, he is smart, passionate and different. He is everything she wants and believes that life has its own way of working things out. It has animals, hot weather, a wedding and  fate lurking around. 
If I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be Brilliant.

Ella Fairlie is a writer and blogger. You can find her short story in the Sunlounger 2 and on Twitter. 


We Found Love - Ilana Fox
Destination : The Future

Katie lived a happy life in London during 2014, although on Valentine's Day 2014, hers and everyone else's life changed that day when bombs started to destroy London, in a attempt to get away she grabs a bike which she drives into a man, he quickly gain control of the bike and tries to escape with Katie in tow. Spending days upon days in a underground gym, the bombs finally stopped, although many people didn't survive, Katie and the man decide to search for people including the man's son to see if anymore survived the disaster that happened. 
Harper is Katie's granddaughter who lives in Cuba in 2075, having just lost her grandmother, she stumbles across letters her grandmother wrote to a man. It is through those letters, she realises the loss, heartache and love that happened during those days back in 2014 and the years that followed. With its sadness, this story tells of love that people long for yet many never get. 
If I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be Timeless

Ilana Fox has worked for a variety of national newspapers and websites, including the Daily Mail, the Sun and
 She lives in London with her clothes, shoes, bags, and two naughty kittens. 
To find out more about Ilana, visit:

Twitter / Goodreads 

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The Hotel Room - Janey Fraser
Destination: The World

Julie has stayed in a lot of hotel rooms, in many different destinations, all across the world, either by herself, with friends or even with her ex. Everytime there's a new number to remember, a new adventure to be had and new memories to be made. All of the numbers hold a significant part in her life, things that changed her as a person and things that changed her life, each special in their own way. I loved this style of story, it is very different yet very enjoyable all at the same time.
If I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be Fabulous

Janey Fraser always dreamed of writing novels in a country cottage with lots of children, a dog and a pony. Unbelievably, most of her dreams were answered although not without some rather large hiccups along the way!

After a career in women's magazines interviewing celebrities like Julie Walters and Nigel Havers, Janey wrote several non-fiction books about childcare including 'Tidy Your Room; How to get kids to do what you want'. Unfortunately, she has never quite succeeded in doing that with her own three. She has also written a series of children's books, including 'When Mum Was Little' and 'When Gran Was Little'.

Janey has appeared live on breakfast television, talking about her books, and has also been on numerous radio programmes including Woman's Hour and The Learning Curve. She also writes short stories for magazines; runs writing courses; is a regular speaker at literary festivals including Winchester and Guildford.

Her recent hobby is belly dancing, much to the horror of her children. However, Janey firmly believes that embarrassing one's offspring is a perk of the job.

Twitter / Goodreads

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Artistic Flair - Sophie Hart
Destination: Provence

Barbara's life had become boring with her home almost empty with her children moved out and her husband not caring or doing anything for himself, Barbara decides to take time to herself and what's more perfect than a art holiday to France for two weeks. Being able to relax and enjoy herself, she finds herself drawn to the art teacher, Jean Michel with his good looks and smothering looks. Barbara starts to fell something she hasn't in a while, with the beautiful scenery and gorgeous French men, Barbara doesn't know what could happen in this foreign country. 
If I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be Incroyable. (Translation: Incredible) 

Sophie Hart is a pseudonym for a popular women’s fiction author living in London with her boyfriend and her collection of naughty books. She likes to spend her time going on nice holidays, making half-hearted attempts to exercise, and lusting after Daniel Craig.

Goodreads / Twitter

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