Sunlounger 2: Beach Read Bliss Weekends - Day 1

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Happy August Everyone!
Every weekend throughout August I will be reviewing stories from the new Sunlounger 2 book. There will be four reviews on each day (Saturday & Sunday), except for the last weekend that will have six on both days. 

So, lets start with the first four books: 

The Kangaroo Suit - Jessica Adams
Destination: Tasmania

Amanda is stuck in a small town in Tasmania. After spending two months, eating, living and breathing apples, she is ready for a change of scenery. So, when a Koala knocks on her door (Yes, you heard read that right, A Koala) asking for money for a charity, she is taken aback from the guy in the costume. Totally not her type with his Tattoos and Girlfriend, she decides that he is the best bet out of her aunt and uncles house, even if it is only for a few hours. 
If I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be Quirky
Jessica Adams is the astrologer for Vogue magazine in Australia, and B magazine in the UK and the author of Handbag Horoscopes and The New Astrology For Women. 
She lives between England and Australia, and her novels include Single White E-Mail, Tom, Dick and Debbie Harry and I'm A Believer. 
She is the co-editor of Girls' Night In, Girls' Night Out - Boys' Night In, and Big Night Out. 
These have raised over half a million pounds for War Child, the charity of which Jessica is also a trustee and patron.
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The Wrong Suitcase - Katie Agnew
Destination: South of France

Tara and Tash are going away to the South of France for the weekend as a last holiday before Tash gets married. Tara isn't so lucky in love, she is looking for the perfect man, the one so she claims yet she has found her. Tara and Tash are two very different people, Tash is a by the book kind of girl whereas Tara is a free bird waiting for the next exciting thing in her life. So, when someone takes Tara knock off suitcase thinking it is their own, she decides to make the most of the opportunity that life has thrown at her.
Jack has been with Eve for a long time, though he is starting to realise that maybe all the fancy cars, expensive clothes and endless money, can not make him love Eve anymore. Eve is to put it in simple terms - A princess that has to have her own way, no matter what - her attitude and lifestyle isn't remotely what Jack wants anymore. So, when he notices Tara across the airport, he can't help but get drawn in, though he never thought he would see her again, but it seems like fate has other ideas. 
If I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be Unique.
Katie Agnew was born in Edinburgh in 1972 and spent her childhood in Lasswade. She studied English at Aberdeen University and then journalism at City University in London. Her first job was as features writer on 19 magazine. 
Since then, she has written articles, celebrity interviews and columns for many magazines and newspapers including the Evening Standard, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and the Daily Mail. 
Until last year she worked as features editor on Marie Claire magazine. Katie now lives in Bath with her husband, John Latimer and their baby, Olivia.

 You can find Katie on Goodreads.

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Pandora & The Music Box - Valerie-Anne Baglietto
Destination: Gran Canaria

Pandora has had a tough year, though opening a jewellery box that was cursed probably didn't help. At seventeen, she has her whole life ahead of her but this last year has proven to be difficult, no just for her but for her sister Iris and brother-in-law Drew. The holiday to Gran Canaria was meant to be a break away from life and for them to bond and spend some time together. Along Pandora is making it hard for anyone to get close to her, having been looked after by Iris since Iris was eighteen she hasn't made the right choices, like opening the jewellery box. Drew's Aunt who gave them the jewellery box lives near to where they are staying, so Iris decides to find her and try to find a way to reverse the curse once and for all.
If I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be Captivating

I was born in Gibraltar, but my family moved to England when I was three. A year later, I wrote and illustrated my first book: pure fiction, about a little boy whose mother's nose was incredibly long and spiral shaped. The writing bug had bitten!

Fast-forward a few years. In 2000 I won the Romantic Novelists' Association's New Writer's Award for my first novel THE WRONG SORT OF GIRL. After three more romantic comedies published by Hodder & Stoughton, my favourite being THE MOON ON A STICK, life with my young family took over.

My latest books are contemporary fairy tales set in the picture-book Welsh hills. ONCE UPON A WINTER reached #1 in both the Contemporary Fantasy and the Fairy Tale charts on Amazon UK. My latest releases are THE TROUBLE WITH KNIGHTS IN SHINING ARMOUR and THE LITTLE BOOK OF LOST HEARTS. I also have two short stories, GENIE OF THE ROCK and PANDORA AND THE MUSIC BOX, in the BELINDA JONES TRAVEL CLUB 'SUNLOUNGER' anthologies.

I live in North Wales with my husband, two sons, one daughter and a headful of plotlines. Please visit my website if you'd like to know more. 

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Hinterland - Hannah Beckerman
Destination: Indonesia

Sophie and Sean have been together for a long time, their holiday to Indonesia was meant to be a break away from everything and just relax for once. Although, Sophie is finding it hard to think of anything but home and for some reason if she wants to be with Sean anymore. With his good looks and job, she would be a fool to let him go but she knows that something has changed whether it is her or their relationship but what Sophie does know is that this holiday has changed her mind on their life together as a couple.
If I had to sum this book up in one word, it would be Wonderful.

Hannah Beckerman lives in London with her husband and their incredibly lively toddler. She is a former TV and film producer who spent fifteen years producing and commissioning documentaries about the Arts, History and Science before turning her hand to writing.

Other than reading and sleeping (both rare but much-cherished pleasures) she's a big fan of great TV drama, films, long country walks and travel. She currently spends far too much time on social media but would, of course, deny the fact if anyone pointed it out. 

The Dead Wife's Handbook is Hannah's first novel. She sincerely hopes it won't be her last.

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Don't forget to check out tomorrow for four more reviews from the Sunlounger 2!
Another day, another book, 

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