Review of Rose Bride #3 by Elizabeth Moss

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Rose Bride #3
By Elizabeth Moss
Publication Date: 17th July 2014, 
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Genre: Historical, Romance, Erotica
Source: Publisher

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She is a fallen woman, an object of men's lust...  Margerie Croft yielded up her virginity before her wedding, and then fled from her eager suitor - knowing that she could not marry a man she did not love. 
Now she is viewed as soiled goods, fit for only for the role of courtier's plaything.  
He sees something in her that others don't...  
Virgil Elton is King Henry VIII's physician, working on a tonic to restore his sovereign's flagging libido. But first it must be tested. 
Who better, then, than the wanton Margerie Croft? But as he gets to know her Virgil discovers someone as intelligent and passionate as she is beautiful - someone who has been gravely misunderstood. 
For her part, Margerie finds Virgil irresistible - with or without the help of his special medicine. But she knows she could never make Virgil a respectable wife. And yet, despite herself, Margerie can't help but wonder... 
Will they find the formula for a lasting love?

Rose Bride really did end the Lust In The Tudor Court Series amazingly, I loved that most of the characters that I had grown to love from the previous two books made an appearance, along with other characters who were new and exciting. It is truly an amazing series that people can't help but love, just as much as I do.

Margerie Croft has a reputation about the court, one that she should be ashamed of and has started to cause her near danger in many cases. Margerie who had once had a passing attraction to Lord Wolf in the past, one that seemed to spread throughout the court, though it seemed all too much and Margerie escaped back to her grandfather. Although, going back home didn't work out the way Margerie planned, determined to prove herself and everyone wrong, she head back to court to work as one of the queen's people.

Apart from a run in with several men who tried to take advantage of her, she seems to be taking to life at court quite well, until she meets him. Him being Master Virgil Elton, a physician at court and a man who Margerie can't help but lust over and he feels the same for her as well. Although, just like everyone else Virgil thinks Margerie is a wanton, just like her reputation presents her. Margerie knows she will never marry due to her past mistakes, though she is very smart and has a side to her that many people don't get to see. 

When Lord Munro asks Margerie to become his mistress, she decides that this would benefit both parties involved, taking his offer. Although, what she didn't account for was the desire and passion she feels for Virgil and no matter how much she tries to stop, she needs him just like air, even being another's mistress. So, when Virgil needs help with a project he is working on for the king, he decides to test his theory out on Margerie, using their lust for each other as a foundation.

Although, things aren't ever simple, Vigil is due to be married to a lovely young lady, who he was promised to years ago and Margerie is keeping a secret from everyone, one that could ruin not just her life, but other lives in the process. Living at Tudor Court things are never secret for long, with spies everywhere and people gossip all the time, it will not be long before secrets are revealed and promises are broken.

Rose Bride is a novel that has passion, lust, longing, secrets, love and sex that will make you unable to put it down. With its characters, storyline and amazing portrayal of the Tudor Court in 1536, it is the perfect trilogy to read that simply has it all.   

If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Passionate, Irresistible and Legendary.
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