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Friday, 25 July 2014

Cora Rules #3
By Mel Curtis
Publication Date: 2nd February 2014, 491 pages
Publisher: Purple Papaya LLC
Genre: Adult, Contemporary 
Source: Author
Note: Does contain sexual scenes

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Until her father died, Cora's goal has been to look drop dead gorgeous in the latest fashion and be seen at all the right places.  
Now in order to keep her inheritance she can't buy any new clothes for a year, and she's assigned to help her ex-lover's wife, Vivian Gordon, rediscover her mojo.  Cora's in serious need of a massage. 
And there's one N.B.A. coach who's ready to give her more than that.

Cora Rules is the third in the 'Hollywood Rules' series, I have read Blues Rules which I loved. From the storyline to the pink dog, I loved it. So, when Mel asked if I wanted to review Cora Rules I jumped at the chance to read the next book.

Cora Rules is the half-sister of Amber and Blue Rules who work for the Dooley Foundation, a company that their father built from the ground up, which was now theirs to run and make it a success just like their father wanted. Cora is very different from the other Rules, she has always been the odd one out, she wasn't the favourite and seemed to almost be invisible at times, then again having model for a mother and a father who loved her sister more would do that to you. 

So it comes as no surprise when Amber and Blue tell her about the terms for her to gain her inheritance from her father's will, Cora will have to meet her sales quoter to gain her three million dollars in a short space of time and also so they can find out the other children that their father had which he didn't tell them about. Given that all her clients at the moment were all failing horribly at everything they do, she decides to work hard to meet her sale quoter, as she is going to need it. 

Although, what she didn't expect was 'The Reverend' or Trent Parker as he is otherwise known, coach to the Flash and damn right pain in her ass. Having been hired by Jack Gordon who owns the team, she is trying to make it work, only Trent doesn't want or need her there, he doesn't need a beautiful woman like Cora Rules distracting his team or him for that matter.

Though, Cora's bitchy attitude and Trent being reluctant work with her seems to only add more fuel to the fire with every passing second, it doesn't take long for them to become something more. Cora has slept with a lot of men in her life, many of which were friends with benefits but with Trent it is different, it is almost as if he see another side to her, the sides she hid from everyone. They both have pasts, ones that they are not proud of but pasts all the same, some of them are more closer than others.

Cora has a lot of trust issues, ones that created walls around her so no one could get in, no one has ever been able to break down, until Trent. Before he came into her life, she was planned on meeting her sales quoter, getting her money and moving to Paris to make a name for herself in the Fashion world. Though, Trent is different from everyone else he see her how she wants to be seen and not like how everyone else treats her. Although, they both have different futures in mind, one that many not involve the other person. Life isn't always simple, both of them knew that, only they both need each other more than they realise and know that sometimes you have to make your own rules to get everything you want in life.

You get to meet a lot of important characters throughout this book and play a very important part in the storyline, Cora has many clients that she has to deal with along with Trent Parker. There is Viv Gordon, a woman who knows what she wants and will get it one way or another. Many NBA players that are part of the team that Trent is coaching, who are very different yet have a important part in the book. Also, there is Gemma who works in the Dooley Foundation, she is more like Cora than she cares to admit, with her bitchiness she could rival Cora most days. These are just some of the many characters that make this book an wonderful book to read and making it another great book to add to The Hollywood Rules Series.

Cora Rules is a book about family, the future, the past, love and showing the real you whatever the outcome. With its handsome NBA players, bitchy attitudes and The Reverend, you will not want to miss reading this amazing book that will make you fall in love with the Rule Family one by one.

If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Unique, Charming and Remarkable

Another day, another book,

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