'Wedding Wednesday' Week 1 - Maid of Dishonor by Heidi Rice

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

'Wedding Wednesday' is a weekly meme from June to September to celebrate wedding season. It will be filled with books that feature weddings or are centred around a wedding. There will be short and full sized reads, to keep you entrained every week on Wednesday.
The kick off 'Wedding Wednesday' we have Maid of Dishonor by Heidi Rice.
Maid of Dishonor
By Heidi Rice
Publication date: September 2013 Harlequin Kiss/Mills & Boon, 187 pages

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When she's very, very bad…...

Gina Carrington knows exactly how to have fun! But when she sleeps with her friend's brother, the off-limits Carter, she quickly discovers she's overstepped the mark.

...…life is so much more fun!

Years later, Gina sees Carter again to prepare for her friend's wedding, and she can't help but wonder what the harm would be in one more night…. He's available, gorgeous and behind that laid-back Southern charm there's a wild side even she can't tame! But Gina has secrets which she can't hide forever—will their chemistry be strong enough to keep Carter by her side when her secrets come to light?

Gina Carrington is the type of woman who goes after something and no matter the cost, she will get what she wants in the end. In this case it is the handsome Carter Price, he is the brother of one of her closest friends, Marnie not to mention the fact that he is two weeks away from getting married. It doesn't take long for him to fall for her flirting and for things to start to fall apart right before everyone's eyes.

In next part, it picks up ten years after and a lot has changed since that night. Although Gina is not quite the woman she used to be, she hides a lot of herself inside and has secrets that could ruin the life she has built for herself. Though she feels it is high time, to put right the mistakes that she once made, apologising to Marnie is one thing but apologising to Carter is another.

Having not seen him since that night, she didn't expect to still feel the same way about him but just like her Carter has changed, he isn't the inexperienced young man he once was and he is willing to show Gina just what he is capable of. He had become a bit of a playboy since his failed  marriage, but seeing Gina, he wants her and he will do anything to get her, it seems like this time around the roles are reversed.

Throwing in the upcoming wedding of one of her closest friends, where she is the maid of honor, Gina is faced with the ultimate problem. Should she give into her desires for one last night, could she really leave after it is all over, did she really want to look towards the past and not the future, and if she does decide to walk away would he let her. Sometimes the hardest thing is letting go, but then again sometimes letting go is just the beginning and not the end.

Maid of Dishonor is a cut above the rest from the passion and desire that fills the pages, to the characters that you fall in love with and the really who can resist a wedding that is thrown in as well.

If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Exciting, Thrilling and Passionate.

Next Week
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