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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

This week is a big week on 23 Review Street, not only have I got The Twilight Saga Week happening(Which is a book series that I love). I am starting two new meme on 23 Review Street.
The first is 'Wedding Wednesday'
'Wedding Wednesday' is a weekly meme from June to September to celebrate wedding season. It will be filled with books that feature weddings or are centred around a wedding. There will be short and full sized reads, to keep you entrained every week on Wednesday.
And the second is 'Frisky Friday'.
'Frisky Friday' is a weekly meme, that is being hosted by 23 Review Street. 'Frisky Friday' can consist of a review of a short novel, regular novel or telling everyone about a novel you are currently reading. 'Frisky' books would consist of new adult books, erotic books, books that contain friskiness in them or all of the above.
Another day, another book,
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