Review for The Curvy Girls Club by Michele Gorman

Sunday, 22 June 2014

By Michele Gorman
Publication Date: 17th June 2014, Notting Hill Press, 181 pages

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  When the pounds start falling off Katie, founder and president of London’s most popular social club for the calorie-challenged, it seems like a dream come true. But as the overweight stigma recedes and her life starts to change, she faces losing more than the inches around her waist. Everything that’s important to her – her closest friends, boyfriend, and acceptance into the club itself – are at stake in a world where thin is the new fat.

A funny, heart-warming story about overcoming the prejudices we hold, no matter where we tip the scales.

Katie has always had some problem with her weight, though it wasn't until she started Slimming Zone did she connect with people just like her. Katie hasn't had much luck in the romance department, though she has her eye on someone at work, Alex. Alex is a gorgeous man, who is tall and Katie can't help but fancy him. So, when he keeps asking her on dates but it doesn't really mean a date, she doesn't know what to think. When things start to move forward in a positive direction, it doesn't take long for things to start falling apart, her love-life, her job and her weight.

Jane is a mother of two who couldn't shift the baby weight after having her children, though with her youngest being over five years old, and she still can't get back to her pre-baby figure. Jane works in the television business and she has quite a stressful job, looking after two children and her husband, Andy but is determined to lose the pounds she turns to diet pills which make her nothing if not ill. Though, even after knowing diet pills are bad for her, she make a choice that puts her future in jeopardy. 

Ellie works with Katie, they both came to Slimming Zone together, to help and encourage each other to lose weight. Just like Katie, Ellie hasn't had much luck in love either, but it seems that her luck is turning around. Thomas, someone who seems to like her just as much as she like him, but they are in that beginning stage of their relationship, especially having kissed once and promptly avoided each other for weeks afterwards. Ellie seems to be the one that Katie talks to the most, and they both were quite close before they meet Jane and Pixie in Slimming Zone.

Pixie was the second one of the four to join Slimming Zone, Jane had join a year before hand, she just like Jane had children and a husband at home. Well if you can call him that anyway, he doesn't help with their children and would more likely to be seen in the pub than helping anyway shape or form. Pixie hasn't been happy in a long time, they both slept in separate bedroom and Pixie had several escape plans over the years but having not worked in a lot time, she has no other choice but to keep trying at their marriage whether it worked or not. 

When the girls decide that they would to start living their lives again, not worrying so much about their weight, to start going out and it doesn't take long before more people from their Slimming Zone group want to join in as well. That is how The Curvy Girls Club is formed, arranging nights out and planning what will happen, they become quite popular, setting about new ideas and more and more people latch on the this group. Even though the club is The Curvy Girls Club, they have both men and women attend the function they pull together. 

Although, it is not long before things start to go pear shaped, each of the girls lives, has major problems that can't be fixed with a night out. Tensions start to rise and before they know it, things have gone from bad to worse, they all start to lash out at the people who mean the most to them and they all face the consequences of the truth, as when it comes out there is no way it is going back in.

The Curvy Girls Club is a great book that shows a different side to friendship, romance and everything in-between, all the while trying to lose weight. It is a delightfully, funny book that can make you laugh and make you imagine that these characters are your friends, who will have you rooting for them from the get go. 

I liked the fact that most of the story you could imagine happening and that the subject of weight loss people can relate to, along with the craziness that comes from your friends and their own problems. The quirky lines and funny moments, make the book so enjoyable to read and can have you laughing along with the characters as you read it. 

If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Realistic, Brilliant and Charming.

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