Review of The A-List Family by Christina Hopkinson

Saturday, 24 May 2014

The A-List Family
By Christina Hopkinson
Publication Date: 8th May 2014,
Hodder & Stoughton, 320 pages
Source: Publisher
Imagine a world where your bikini body has to last all year.
Where paparazzi turn up for the school run.
Where EVERYBODY knows your name, and your eight-year-old daughter's.
Welcome to everyday life in an A-List Family.
Newly employed to look after the daughter of a super-rich and famous power couple, Anna is about to find out what life is really like behind the closed doors of celebrity. And soon she starts to wonder: once you're in, can you get out?
Anna is a Cambridge University graduate who is struggling to find a job that would fit with her qualifications, she has had a couple of dead end jobs that have had in no way shape or form anything to do with what she wants out of life. When she meets an old friend from University, he suggests getting a job in tutoring young children who's parents want them to be the next big educated name in society.
Working for a rich and powerful couple is not what Anna had planned in her life, having been tasked with tutoring and taking care of their daughter, Antigone, Anna knows this is far from a easy challenge. Antigone is nothing like a normal eight year old, she is prim and proper, who doesn't like to be touched, something Anna learnt the hard way. She is a very smart young girl, who seems to know many things that someone twice her age may only be coming to learn about.
Having a mother like Cally who is glamorous from head to foot, made up with all designer clothes, even on the school run fits with her being a role model for other young models and actresses out there. Antigone's father is the famous Sholto, a handsome man who seems to be everything that women want and men want to be like. Anna can soon see that Antigone favours her father over her mother, but that doesn't stop Cally from trying to buy nice thing for her or to take her to get their nails done together. Though, where everything seems like smiles and laughs on the outside for their fans, inside the house is where the real drama happens, behind closed doors where no one can hear or see the craziness that lives in the house of an A-List Family. 
When things start to fall down around them, Anna doesn't know what to think, even when she finds out that the family have been hiding some really dark secrets in their home, right under everyone's noses. Their faces are once again on the front covers of the newspapers and magazines but this time, it is airing their problems for everyone to see. Though, it is the secret that Anna finds out that only a handful of people know about, is the one that no one must know, the one that would change not only Cally and Sholto's lives but also Antigone if the truth was to come out.
The ending really surprised me, it jumped to important points in the A-List Family's life that once was left uncertain, that is now much more clearer. I had never expected it to end like it did but it was an ending that made you think that even with your face on newspapers and magazines you can still find the light at the end of the tunnel, the one that is truly made for you.
The A-List Family is filled with secrets, glamour, lies, happiness and shocking revelations that you will never see coming, ones that push you to read what happens next just to see how they play out and ones that will surprise you well after you have finished the book.
If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Thrilling, Shocking and Amazing.
The A-List Family is one of those books that make you see the different side to be rich and famous, although that isn't what reality is like, but it shows that even the people who expose their lives on camera have hidden secrets behind closed doors. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves secrets, glamour and shocking truths that come out when you least expect them.
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