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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Life isn’t exactly sweet for Cricket Whittier. Her boss hates her, her work is soul-destroying, and the sexy guy she’s hooking up with doesn’t want to date her. But this girl is far from hopeless. When Cricket’s in the kitchen with her ice cream maker and a few choice ingredients, her troubles slip away as she becomes a delectable dessert-designing powerhouse. She loves it so much, she dreams of opening her own ice cream shop one day.

As it turns out, “one day” just might be closer than she thinks. Propelled by the help and encouragement of her best friends, Lindsay and Nora, Cricket starts making plans to set up shop. Which is easier said than done what with the internal squabbling, the sky-high costs, her parents forecasting failure and her increasingly complicated love life. Despite all these hurdles, will Cricket be able to make her sweet dreams come true?
The only other book by Anna Garner that I have read is Lying To Meet You which I loved so much, this book isn't any different. I simply loved the story and the characters that you get to know when read it. Also, the front cover is so pretty and unique in its own right. 

The story revolves around Cricket, a woman who hates her job, has a boss from hell and who's love life just can't seem to go right for once. Though even with all these problems, Cricket knows what she wants from life, though for now all she can do is dream about the day that dream finally comes true. This isn't just a story about love and romance, its about friendship and everything that gets in the way of life when you least except it as well.

There is nothing Cricket wants more than to open her own Ice Cream Shop, though it isn't until her friends decides to push her in the right direction that it finally begins to happen. Though opening a Ice Cream Shop is Cricket's dream, there is a lot of important factors that make her dream even harder to obtain. Between the escalating bills that need to be paid and her parents that don't support her dream.

Though even with all these issues, Cricket still has her two best friends, Lindsay and Nora. These women are all different yet are there for her when she needs them most. The only other thing that could be better in Cricket's life is her love life, as her on again off again boyfriend, Jimmy only wants them to be friends with benefits.

This story would be nothing without the added humour that makes this book exciting to read. There is also the recipes that Cricket makes, that make you hungry when you read about them. Even now, they still sound amazing, if only you could buy them. This story also includes the men that is in these women's lives, between Lindsay's boyfriend and Nora husband, things just get better and better with their antics. They all learn something from each other as the story goes along, with Cricket realising that maybe what she wanted with Jimmy wasn't what she needed or wanted at all.

Though even with Cricket, Nora and Lindsay being totally opposite from each other, when they need each other they are always there. After reading this story I found out that this book is the first in a series, with Nora and Lindsay getting their own stories, so I cant wait to read the next instalment that lead you further into the amazing lives that these three lead.

I would recommend this book to anyone who love friendship, humour and of course ice cream. It is a perfect book to read over the holiday season, or at anytime of the year really. I also liked the fact that this story is one that people can relate too, as Cricket is just like any other person out there who works hard for the things she has in life and doesn't get everything she wants. This is what makes it the wonderful and great story it is.
This is a wonderful story about dreams, life and friendship, with how to make everything you have ever wanted a reality with a lot of twists and turns along the way.
If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be Tempting, Scrumptious and Amazing.
The rating I would give this book is:-
    Format - E-book      
Source - Author
Release Date - 20th December 2013
Publisher - Kindle

Born and raised in the Midwest, Anna Garner's adventurous spirit kicked in after graduating from high school, and she's since lived in Boston, NYC and London. For several years, Anna worked in fashion--first as a journalist and then as a shopkeeper, and for a while she dabbled in design. Although chick lit was her first love, Anna started writing quirky romances, and her first one, Fashioning a Romance, was published in May 2012 under the name of Libby Mercer. This was followed by two more quirky romances: Unmasking Maya and The Karmic Connection. Since Lying to Meet You is written in old school chick lit style and isn't a clear cut love story, Anna decided to publish it under her real name. She currently lives in San Francisco and spends most of her time cranking out more stories.
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