Review of An Englishwoman In New York by Anne-Marie Casey

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Review of An Englishwoman In New York by Anne-Marie Casey

About An Englishwoman In New York -

When Lucy's husband loses his job and is relocated to New York, she is forced to give up her posh London life and move to a tiny Manhattan apartment. Homesick and resentful at first, Lucy soon finds herself embarking on an exhilarating new affair - no, not with her husband, although she is surprised to find they do still love each other, but with the city itself and the three women she meets at the school gates who, against all odds, become her friends.

Christy, married to a wealthy older man, questions her life choice as she fantasizes about her doorman and tries to make peace with her angry stepdaughter. Julia is a workaholic television writer who becomes convinced her family is better off without her, until a neighbour's dog makes her re-think everything. Meanwhile Robyn, bread-winning wife to an aspiring novelist, has had enough. She wants what her friends are having - even if it means an affair with at least one, if not all, of their husbands . .

In the tradition of Melissa Bank's The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, with shades of Sex and the City, An Englishwoman in New York is the perfect coming-of-age novel for grown-ups.

An Englishwoman in New York is a perfect book to read about New York and the storyline is so interesting that you can't help but get hooked by each of the characters. The story revolves around four woman who live in New York, These woman are Lucy, Julia, Christy and Robyn. All of these woman are live different lives, have different ideas but all share one thing the city that they live in.

All the characters are so interesting to read about and you can get hooked on their lives, Lucy is the first woman that you are introduced to in the book, her husband has just lost his job and they have to move half way across the world from their sophisticated life in London to a small apartment in New York or Manhattan to be exact.

Christy is totally the opposite to Lucy, she is married to a wealthy man who is a lot older than she is. Christy really wants to get along with her stepdaughter but her stepdaughter can't seem to play nice with her .But when she starts feeling things for the doorman she doesn't know what she wants anymore and starts questioning everything about her life.

Robyn starts thinking that having an affair will be the best thing as her life is going nowhere, being a wife of a to be novelist she decide that having affair like the rest of her friends would be the right thing to do but if it? Will Robyn's life be more fun if she had a affair or would she end up back a square one?

Julia a television writer who has work on the brain 24/7, having a family is just another part of her life that she doesn't have time for. Thinking that her family is better off without her and not knowing which way to turn. Though when her neighbour's dog enters her work filled life, she starts to re-think what her life has become and if her family are really better off without her?

I would recommend this book to anyone who love humour and a excellent storyline, also to anyone who love Manhattan as much as reading about it. This is prefect for the fans of Sex and the City with the grown up theme.

My favourite character is Lucy because from the first chapter I thought she was a very funny and interesting character that got better over the course of the book.

If I had to sum this book up in three words, they would be; Humorous, Brilliant and Unique.

This book is published in the US under the title No One Could Have Guessed the Weather.

Thank you to Hodder & Stoughton for sending me a copy.

Another day, another book,

Sophie Kate <3

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