Review of Two For Joy by Helen Chandler

Monday, 3 June 2013

Review of Two For Joy by Helen Chandler

About Two For Joy -
Julia and Toby have been best friends for years, but apart from a couple of drunken songs in their student days, there has never been anything more than friendship between them. It's only after Toby goes through a dramatic break-up with his gorgeous ballerina girlfriend Ruby, that he and Julia realise they are meant to be together.

Then Ruby drops a bombshell - she's pregnant - and though he feels torn in two, Toby feels he has to give their relationship another chance.

Heartbroken Julia is left to lick he wounds in her little Walthamstow home, thinking she has lost Toby forever.

But the course of true love is about to get bumpier...

After reading the tag line for Two For Joy which is 'A sparkling story of love, friendship, surprises and second chances', I was immediately drawn in to what this book had to offer. From this story it is easy to say that the course of love never does run smoothly and on several occasions someone ends up getting hurt, this time being Julia.

Julia and Toby have known each other for years, they have always been friends who occasionally have a snog or two but nothing more. Julia has started to have feelings for Toby but after Julia sees that Toby is happy with his girlfriend of nearly six months she decides that that ship will never sail.

Though after Ruby and Toby break up, a trip will open up both Julia and Toby's eyes to the future they could have together. willing to take a chance they both realise that they are suppose to be together but fate intervenes again. This time it happens with a big bombshell, Ruby is pregnant and Toby is the father.

Deciding to do the right thing Toby decides to stick by Ruby and Julia ends up single again and heartbroken by the turn in events. But when you mix love and friendship nothing is every going to be the same again, Julia will wonder what she did wrong and Toby will question whether he made the right choice.

The course of love never does run smoothly, Julia has to sit by and watch the man she loves be with someone else who is also having his baby. As for Toby he has to make a effort to be there for Ruby even if it means losing what could be the love of his life. There is a a lot of twists and turns as you progress through the book, with some surprises and some moment that will make you gasp out loud. This story has everything you want in a book drama, love, friendship, surprises and last but not least second chances.

If I had to sum this book up in one sentence it would be 'A story about second chances and how you make the most of what life throws at you.' So, I would recommended this book to anyone who love chick lit and who is willing to take a chance, it may change your life.

Two For Joy is for fans of Jenny Colgan and Bridget Jones, this is one amazing story from an up and coming author.

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