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Friday, 7 June 2013

Review of Psycho-Mommy: A Novel by Mira Harlon (Part of the Psycho-Mommy Blog Tour)

About Psycho-Mommy -

Jessica Reed, a vibrant type-A-psychologist, is the ultimate planner:
 - Acceptance to the Ivy League school of her choice … (check!)
 - Graduating Summa Cum Laude and securing the ultimate post, as a sought after psychologist at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world…. (check!)
 - Marrying Nolan, the man of her dreams (check!)

All is going according to the plan, UNTIL... is it possible? She’s pregnant right after her honeymoon! But, that’s not part of the plan. There are so many more things that are supposed to happen before babies. Are her dreams to start a private practice or Nolan’s dream to work for the Philadelphia Flyers crushed?

When Jess finally accepts the obvious, she starts to unravel. Hold on for a wild ride through Jess’ brilliant yet quirky mind as she obsesses about all things pregnancy - morning sickness, weight gain, proper nutrition, kegels, home baby-proofing, pure exhaustion and honing her sexiness (let’s just say it gets a bit awkward). Along the way Jess’s zany patients, friends, family members and colleagues, manage in ways, both big and small, to contribute to her pregnancy fixations. Does her obsession turn her into “psycho-mommy”?

With incredible wit and amazing perception into the human psyche, Mira Harlon keeps you coming back for more. This ironic, feel-good read will have you laughing and crying and wondering if we don’t all have a little psycho-mommy in us!

Psycho-Mommy is an ARC that I had the chance to read and I was not disappointed if you read it you will not be either, it is a funny book that will make you laugh out loud. (I did numerous times, when reading Psycho-Mommy).

The cover reveal for Mira Harlon's book Psycho-Mommy is shown below and is simply gorgeous, you will really love it as much as I do. There are many things I LOVE about this cover, the colour, the fonts are lovely and so pretty, the picture on the front cover and the tag line fits the book perfectly.

From the first page in the book, I was hooked. The book goes straight into a big part of what the story is all about, with Jessica who has recently got married to Nolan. Jessica is a doctor of psychology, she works with her best friend Sammi who is crazy, yet oh-so-funny. Jess's new husband Nolan and her are preparing for the new baby that they are having, though because of Jess's need for planning she has to research everything that has any link to her pregnancy.

In the book it shows the ups and downs that Jess goes through in her pregnancy, the crazy advice that her best friend Sammi gives her about her planning and how her husband is just as much unprepared as Jess is, though some of the lines Nolan says in the book are very funny. Add in Jess's clients and how they add the craziness to her life and also Richard her quirky friend and colleague that is totally funny and is nearly as crazy as Sammi. All of the characters are so interesting to get to know and make you want to know more about them and their lives.

There are many dramas that happen in this book mainly to Jess but also to the people who are around her, there are many classic lines in this book which I love. My favourite character from Psycho-Mommy is Jessica, her need to have everything planned, the friendships that she holds dear to her and that her quirkiness makes her even more likable. There are many quotes that I loved in this book, one of these were 'Richard cocks his hand at me and yelps, "Tootles" then saunters off, and for a moment I am transfixed, imagining him walking to Ricky Martins, "Shake your bon-bon!" This quote made me laugh really hard when I first read it, even now it still does.

This has to be one of my favourite books that I have read in a long time, the humour, friendship and drama all make the book a joy to read again and again. By the end of the book, I really didn't want it to finish as I wanted more from the lives of Jess, Nolan, Sammi and all the other characters that make this book a must read for this year.

If I had to sum up Psycho-Mommy in a sentence it would be 'An unbelievably funny story that will have you splitting at the sides with laughter.' Psycho-Mommy is filled with humour, friendship, love and how to be a psycho-mommy. It is a lovely book to read, it only took me two days to finish the whole book, a record for me as once you start reading it you can't stop. This book is a must read for summer, that will leave you wanting more from this amazing debut author.

The ending suggests that there will be another book, a sequel that will follow on but I don't know if that will happen but if it did I would totally read another book by the amazing Mira Harlon. The three words that I would have to use to describe this book would be Incredible, Astonishing and Hilarious. This book will surprise you from the very first page and the last page will surprise you even more than the first.

You can also find Mira Harlon on:!/mira.harlon?fref=ts

I would like to thank Mira Harlon for giving me a copy of her book to review and also to the people at Red For All Publishing.

Psycho-Mommy is out on the 30th August 2013, though it is out on amazon as an e-Book now.

It is published by Red For All Publishing.

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Giveaway News - (Just from Sophie Kate)

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I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did.

Another day, another book,

Sophie Kate <3


  1. Sophie Kate .... You totally make me want to read this book this weekend. I need a laugh-out-loud book. Those are hard to find!! Thanks will download ASAP

  2. Looks like an incredible read from what you've told me! Adding it to my 'must-read' list :)

  3. Downloaded it, then started to read it, thinking I would just read a little. Couldn't put it down. Finished it just now! WOW! Amazing. The Richard office scene .....hahahahahahaha! The trip to the "special shop" OMG, I was dying. Such a great chick-lit read. Sophie, such a great review! Thanks for sharing! BTW, have you added the term psycho-mommy to your permanent vocabulary? I just used it in a sentence to my husband to describe someone we know .....


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