Review of All I Want Is You by Elizabeth Anthony

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Review of All I Want Is You by Elizabeth Anthony

About All I Want Is You -

An electrifying story of love and sex in the 1920s England.      

An innocent girl

1920. Seventeen-year-old Sophie is a scullery maid at a large country house, Belfield Hall, but what she truly desires is to dance on stage in London.

Caught up in a dangerous game

Glamorous Lady Beatrice offers her assistance, though not without an ulterior motive. A new heir- the seductively handsome Lord Ashley - is about to arrive at the Hall: a man that Beatrice will do anything to ensnare... even if she has to emploit her young maid.

Of forbidden passion

What she doesn't know is that Sophie has met Ash once before. And as Lady Beatrice's devious plan unravels, Sophie has two choices: refuse to be a mere plaything for the man she loves so desperately, or give in to the thrill of unimaginable sexual pleasure...

I really, really loved All I Want Is You, it was such a passionate and moving story that leaves you wanting more for Sophie and Ash. The story is set in the 1920s in England, revolving around the life of Sophia Davis or Sophie to most people. Sophie is a only child from her parents Philip and Florence Davis, Sophie's father worked in the smithy before joining the army at the time of the war. Florence Sophie's mother worked at Belfield Hall, home to the Duke and Duchess, Florence was one of the many maids that worked their hardest with very little to show of it. Sophie's only true friend is Will, who also comes from a poor family, he is sweet and joins the many men who are fighting in the war.

After something horrible happens to Sophie, she meets a kind gentleman called Mr Maldon who helped her gain a job working at Belfield Hall as a scullery maid. Many of the maids were horrible to many people but Sophie gained a new friend in Nell, her time at Belfield Hall seems to be manageable if you have a friend. What gets Sophie through her time at Belfield Hall is her dream of becoming a dancer in London, then one day someone offers to help Sophie achieve her lifetime dream, but what's the catch?

Lady Beatrice is very glamours with her fancy dress and expensive taste, so when she moves to the Hall and offers Sophie the job of being her second maid in exchange for a favour. Sophie is excited that one day soon, she maybe dancing on a stage in front of hundreds of people, her dream come true. But every favour has strings attached, these just happen to be involving the new Duke, Lord Ash, not many people know who he is but they do know the rumours that are about him and his new title. With everything changing at Belfield Hall it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out and how will it affect Sophie, Beatrice and Ash.

Having already meet Lord Ash once Sophie know what type of person he is but will she believe Ash himself or the rumours that everyone is talking about, Having to choice between your dream and love is the hardest choice to make, because no matter which one Sophie choice she hurt someone or herself.

This book is about the forbidden passion, sex, love and the innocence one girl holds. All I Want Is You is told amazingly with a story that follows the story and life of Sophie as well as the changing royal lives of the people living in Belfield Hall. Along with the drama, there is friendships formed and relationship develop right in front of your eyes, in page after page.

If I had to choice my favourite character it would have to be Sophie, her story is so moving and thought provoking all the way through the book. She is such a like able character and she is not like the other maids in the Hall who gossip about the Duke and Duchess, she keeps to herself and remains the person she has always been.

My favourite part of the book is the towards the middle of the book when Sophie finally stands up for yourself and is determined to be herself and not something that Lady Beatrice wants her to be. This event shows that Sophie is her own person and will stand up for what she believes in when it really matters.

I can sum up this book in one line, this is:- 'A passionate story of love, drama, sex and a choice that will change your entire future in a blink of a eye.'

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a passionate story with lots of drama that everyone loves from a good book. If your a fan of Stella Knightley or Sylvia Day then I would definitely read this book. Also, if you are a fan of Downton Abbey then you will love this book.

I would give All I Want Is You a 5/5, simply amazing.

It is available on Amazon. It is out in paperback and as a ebook.

It is out on the 9th May 2013.

It is published by Hodder & Stoughton.

Thank you to the people at Hodder & Stoughton for giving me a copy of the book.

Elizabeth Anthony's next book that revolves around Sophie and Ash is out in October 2013.

Another day, another book,

Sophie Kate

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