Review of An Abduction Revelation by Thomas Hay

Friday, 10 May 2013

Review of An Abduction Revelation by Thomas Hay

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I lay on a surface that was translucent and unsupported. Bright multicoloured lights blurred my vision. Where I am and how I got there was a mystery to me.

A large circular device was positioned above my torso. Sharp pointed utensils protruded from the middle of a sphere.

I felt naked under the snowy white sheet that covered my entire body. Strange and eerie sounds reverberated within my mind. In my blurred vision, I could see movement, as ghostly figures danced about with spastic, yet graceful movements. Something or someone lifted the sheet and started probing and prodding various parts of my anatomy. It played with me as if I were a child's favourite doll.

After doing whatever it was they had intended, my abductors implanted a memory block and a tracking device and sent me on my way. Their plan was now initiated. T is would be my first, but not last abduction. I would have no memory of it until many years later.

I would search the world over for answers, only to discover they were buried within my subconscious.

An Abduction Revelation is an intriguing and entertaining adventure based on some true life experiences of the author. It is a journey filled with suspense, romance, heartbreak, and revelations that will mystify and torment your soul.

An Abduction Revelation is a sci-fi type book, surrounding beings from other planets. From the first couple of pages, I was unsure what direction the book was going in but as soon as you read the first exciting bits, you are left wanting more and that is just what the book gave. The more the story progressed the more suspense filled it become, there was some funny parts and also some happy moments that gave the book the passion it needed.

The story revolves around Thomas or Tommy as many people call him in the new novel from the Comeback Kid in this book the Comeback Kid Returns in a new and exciting book. Tommy is born in Kansas in 1943, but Tommy grew up in Clinton, Missouri which he lived with his parents. Eventually after some time his parents welcome three other children, in which Tommy gained three younger sisters Sandra, Barbara and Susan.

After an event that changes Tommy without him even knowing it, he begins to have weird things happen to him that would have never happened before.Each become more confusing that the last one, Tommy just thought it was his own doing. After Tommy leaves school he joins the U.S Navy following in his father footsteps, in his time in the Navy he got to see many different cities and experience a lot of firsts for himself.

This book will open you eyes to the fact that there may be life in a different world to ours. Once you finish the last page it will leave you wanting more from the unusual life of Tommy and the events that have happened throughout his life. This book is simply amazing and one that you can read over and over again without getting bored.

My favourite line from the book was:- 'But who pays attention to the manual after they get their licences? Certainly not the dude on my tail'. After reading this I could not believe how true this statement is.

If I had to sum this book up it would be:- 'A story with unusual events that involves beings from a whole different universe'.

If you like any sci-fi books then you should definitely read this one, it is amazing page after page.

You can buy it from Amazon now.

You can purchase it in paperback and kindle.

It is published by BalboaPress.

Another day, another book,

Sophie Kate



  1. Glad you enjoyed the book. The latest edition is now available

  2. Certainly a great interview, Tom.


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