Style At Home Magazine Recap - May 2013

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Style At Home Magazine Recap - May 2013

Getting Style at home magazine is a must, it has everything you could want in a home magazine. It has everything from tips for everything around the home to recipes that you can make. I will be re-capping on all of my favourite things that was put into this month's magazine.

Cash saver tips -
there is always a cash saver tip on the first pages of each magazine, this can be anything from how to save money at christmas or to shopping for food. It just so happens that this month's was about food shopping and that it should be done online.
It says that people should do their food shopping online to save money on buying offers that you don't need. I think this is a good idea but there are many other issues that I think is involved with shopping online. these are:-
  • You can't choose the best before dates on your food, which may mean you will have to do another shop last in the week and spend more money.
  • You can't shopping around for the best prices online as most of the time they have more offers in store.
  • Sometimes by buying the offers when they are on in store then you will save money on your next week shop as you already have the product.
  • You can't choose the type of food that you want i.e. fresh fruit and vegetable, meat, fish or other fresh foods.
Though even with these issues there is also a good thing to shop online, these are:-
  • You can keep a track of how much you have spent so far, which you can't when you food shop in store.
  • Sometimes they have deals online which they don't have in store.
  • It is great for doing your christmas shopping, if you are buying a lot of food and drink.
  • If you spend over a certain amount then you will receive free delivery.
So there are many good and bad points to shopping online and in store, but it is up to the person shopping that makes the decision whether to shop online or not. The next thing that I always love is the Great Idea Tips, these tips are from what people have experience or used when decorating and designing their own homes.

For example, my favourite from this month's magazine is 'We've made every nook and cranny work for us - we have under-bed storage and neat built-in cupboards'.
This is a really great idea that everyone should apply to their homes, whether it a small apartment or a big house. By using every bit of space that you have will make your home more organised and tidy, you will also be able to make the most of the space that you would not normally use.

Each month there is a two page spread on 10 of the best type of things that you can buy, this month's was 10 best Rococo-style mirrors. I was really interested in this spread as I have always wanted one of these mirrors but it also seemed to expensive but it showed the different prices which were from £195 to £25.

I was really surprised that you can buy Rococo-style mirrors for £25, you would think that the cheaper the price the cheaper the design. Though comparing the £195 mirror to the £25 mirror, the two things that were different were the shape of the mirror (One being s square and other being a oval) and the other thing was the place that sells them.

After looking at this spread, I decided look for a Rococo-style mirror to see if I could find one that I liked and I did. It was £25 the same price as the one in the magazine and white from Ikea. It was just what I wanted, oval shape and low in price with a expensive style.

There is several pages in the magazine that are labelled as 'Make it', in this months magazine it shows you how to make a patterned cover for a stool, patterned tea towels and quirky splash back for your kitchen. There is also a two page spread about Home Grown Projects which are ideas that anyone could make at home with the help of a couple of ingredients. There is the method on how to make lavender nail oil, Honey soap bars and milk bath. All of these are really easy to make and are not that time consuming.

10 Easy Ways to Style your Bed article is 10 different ideas to style your bed, each different to make your bed more stylish. It also shows different ways to add colour, accessories and designs to make your bed pop with a new style. 'Do it' is another article that is in every magazine this month is about getting ready for summer with a gardening article. It answers questions that people may have about design a new garden, storage ideas and three really good garden sets to buy this year.

Stylish Additions this month is focused on bedroom shopping, it has three looks that are Botanical Influence, Art Deco Glam and Shabby Chic. Each of these looks have accessories and furniture that fit with each type of style. My favourite is the Shabby Chic as to me it is similar to a vintage look which is lovely. It is put together with a white metal frame day bed, floral cushion, cream lamp with trinket box and a distressed set of drawers that fit so well together.

One of my favourite things about this magazine is the 'Cook it' recipe pull out. There are more than fifty recipes to choose from each delicious in their own way. Some of this month's recipes are: Thai Red Curry, Tuna Pasta, Fish Pie Jackets, Paella, Pancetta Pasta, Chilli Prawns, Peppermint Creams, Steak Fajitas, Bakewell Tarts, Jam Butter Biscuits and many more lovely recipes.

Operation Clutter- Free is six different ideas on how to have a clutter free kitchen environment. From organising your cupboards to keeping your shoes clean, these tips are really useful to have a clutter free kitchen.

In every magazine there is 100 Style Ideas for different areas of your home, for example there has been style ideas for kitchen, living room, bedroom, but in this moths magazine is has 100 Style Ideas for 'Tiles of Style'. It has many different design and ideas on tiles that would be perfect for different areas in your house and also how to make the colours of the room work together with the tile pattern.

The last thing which is great about this magazine on the last page there is a article that is named 'Home Saver'. In the article it has tips and uses for certain items each month, as well as 'How To' do a job round the house, this month 'How To' is secure your home this summer.  It also shows 'All in the Detail' which is another guide to a house project that people may need help and guidance on.

Style At Home is out every month, priced at £1.99.  

It has lots more great ideas for anyone who is re-decorate their house or just like to see the new stylish items for homes.

It is available in most supermarkets and magazine retailers.

Sophie Kate <3

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