Review of Happier Bride by Minna Sithep

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review of Happier Bride by Minna Sithep

Happier Bride by Minna Sithep is amazing and helpful if you're planning your special day. It covers everything from cakes to finding happiness whilst planning a wedding, giving it a winning edge against other wedding based books. This book could easily help people plan their weddings without even needing a wedding planner.   

There are many other topics that Minna covers in the book, the timeline of when to make sure specific things get done by, the different types of flowers or the different types of invitations and also the wedding dress itself and everything that is needed with the dress.

There are many useful tips and tricks inside and the thing that I loved the most was the check lists; they were so clear to understand and really gave the hassle of keeping lists after lists a clean slate. By using these it would be easy to keep track of the costs and purchases on a budget. Though, Minna also gave tips on how to save money and still get to have everything you truly want.

My favourite quotes from the book were :- 'Laughter is truly a universal language' and 'Happiness is a choice you make over and over again'. Both of these quotes relate really well to planning a wedding and also the wedding day itself.

If I were to sum up this book in three words they would be:- Inspiring, Helpful and Memorable. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in weddings or even planning a wedding themselves.

Happier Bride is published by True Blue Publishing.

It can be purchased from Amazon and also Happier Bride.

It is out for purchase now.

Thank you to Minna for sending me a copy of her book.

Another day, another book,

Sophie Kate <3

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