Review of The Perfect Holiday by Cathy Kelly

Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Perfect Holiday by Cathy Kelly

The Perfect Holiday is exactly what the title says it is. Even though it is a short story with only 87 pages, it still is brilliant. The story is based around five people all very different from each other.
There is Jessica, who is a widow and this holiday is her chance to start to heal for the tragedy and to help her move on with her life.

Anthony and Claire are married but their marriage isn’t all that it seems. Their holiday is to help repair all the damage that has effected them and their marriage, but it the holiday enough.
Susie and Chloe are two best friends on holiday before Susie get married, will she still be walking down the aisle after this holiday after her affair. Only time will tell.
All of these people problems will take a surprising turn once they get on the plane to head home, but will it be for the better, worse or completely different entirely. I would re-read this book as it was everything you could wish for in a short story.

This story is perfect for a summer read on a lazy afternoon. This book has many different words to describe it but if I had to choose three it would be hopefulness, captivating and surprising. I would recommend this book to fans of Cathy Kelly and alsotto the fans of Shelia O’Flanagan.

Next book review will be about -
Alphabet Weekends by Elizabeth Noble.
Another day, another book,
Sophie Kate <3

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