Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks Book Review

Monday, 29 October 2012

Love, romance, pain, fear and laughter...this book has it all.

I have read several of Nicholas Sparks books but Safe Haven was the only one which captivated me from the first chapter. After reading Safe Haven, it quickly became one of favourite books.
The characters in the book are thought out perfectly. The character of Katie shows how much time the author put into the character of her, from the first chapter you can see she struggles with something and has a secret which she must keep hidden. The other main characters are Alex who is a single father to his two young children, Kristen and Josh. The character of Jo is Katie's neighbour who helps her see what she already knew about her life.
All the main charaters are lost and trying to find a way to be hapy again. If I had to sum Safe Haven up in three words, they would be powerful, loveable and heartfelt.
It is one of those books which you can re-read again and again, and still be amazed each and every time.
When I heard it was being made into a movie, I was thilled as I couldn't wait for them to tell the story on the big screen. I will be going to see it without a doubt.
I hope everyone who reads Safe Haven feels the same as me.

Another day, another book.

Sophie Kate <3

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